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Why the 00s were so toxic for women


The reexamination of the media treatment of Britney Spears led writer Sirin Kale to look at her own life being a young woman in the 00s

tl;dr: it sucked, we just did not realize it then

Internalised misogyny ran deep in the 2000s.

Media was horrible to young women like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or Britney Spears and no one saw anything wrong with it

Gossip columnist Ben Widdicombe traces it back to 9/11: “When we recovered from the shock, editors said: ‘We need a picture of a beautiful young girl on page 12, and we need to know who she’s dating, and what parties she’s going to.’”

Internet gossip sited like TMZ and Perez Hilton were on the rise

podcast host Simran Hans: “It was a reaction to the third wave of feminism in the 1990s. We’d had the rise of ladettes and this reclaiming of being a ‘boy’s girl’. The 2000s felt like a punishment for women trying to get in on the act.”

on the dangerous size zero trend; “I remember constantly reading headlines about how Charlotte Church was a size 12. Diet culture was so pervasive, and wasn’t yet tied up with wellness, and pinkwashed into something ‘feminist’ and acceptable.” Emerging from the toxic swamp of 2000s diet culture as a teenage girl without an eating disorder was a real challenge. “

Are things better now? Sirin Kale thinks so, society has become more sympathetic to topics like mental health
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