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Zack Snyders proposed Justice League 2 & 3 plans leak

-With Zack Snyders Justice League coming out in a week it was only a matter of time before somehow more plans of his would get out and that they did...

-Storyboards reveal his vision for JL2 & JL3 before WB scrapped the Snyder-verse

-Justice League 2 would see the Injustice League form consisting of Lex Luthor/Black Manta/Orm/Dr. Maru/Deadshot/Captain Cold

-Amazonian Menalippe comes to Mans World to warn Diana of Darkseid in JL1, in JL2 she and Diana try to find a way back to Themiscrya

-Bruce and Lois investigate the IJL and it is revealed that Lois is pregnant....with Bruces baby though she denies it is his.

-Clark Kent is "dead" and Superman is just Superman now. Who cares about being "human"?

-The IJL attacks the JL in their separate lives, all managing to win. Aquaman is killed. Dr. Maru manages to make it Themiscrya and poison the Amazons & Diana, killing everyone.

-Lex uses Riddler to discover the secrets of the Anti Life equation, this brings about Darkseid.

-Darkseid kills Lois and takes over the world.

-JL3 flashes forward 5 years and follows Batman/Flash/Cyborg/Mera/Deadshot/Green Lantern as they attempt to find a way to save the world.

-They discover that The Flash is able to go back in time once a year for a couple of seconds. They devise a plan to steal a motherbox that will help Flash travel back to BvS and warn Bruce of the upcoming threat.

-Superman is controlled by Darkseid and is his little conquering pet. He attacks the JL and kills them all as Flash travels back in time to warn Bruce.

-Back in "the past" Bruce ends up saving Lois from Darkseid but gets hit himself with the Omega Beams but survives somehow..only to be revealed that he is slowly dying.

-The League rallies the entire world to be one giant Justice League to help fight off Darkseids invasion just like in the flashback in JL

-They beat Darkseid and everyone lives happily ever after except for Bruce who dies from his Omega Beams wounds.

-Diana goes on to become Queen of Themiscrya, reunites them with the world and brings about world peace like the world has never known.

-Aquaman becomes King of the 7 seas

-Cyborg regains his humanity

-The Flash gets his father out of jail

-Lois reveals to Superman that the kid is actually Bruces and they raise the kid together, giving Superman a reason to be "human" again.

-Flash forward 10 years and Lois takes Bruce Jr. to the batcave and reveals that his father was Batman

Wonder Woman Batman GIF by HBO Max - Find & Share on GIPHY
fanboys are wetting themselves with "omg this is the best thing ever" or "omg how could they try to sabotage Zack by releasing this"
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