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Actor JiSoo faces bullying and sexual assault accusations

There have been several bullying accusations against idols and actors , some of them have been cleared up and some of are still under investigation, but this one in particular against actor Jisoo (known for several tv roles like In Gook-du in Strong Girl Bong-soon , Yun Tae-oh in the Netflix production My First First Love and other roles) has gained a lot of traction because it's beyond what anyone could have expected.

This is what one of his victims said:

TW: bullying, harassment,

“I was bullied by Kim Ji Soo and the delinquents in 2008, my third year of middle school. The word ‘bullying’ is not enough to describe everything. I was a victim of all kinds of school violence like being made an outcast, violence, blackmailing, insults, and abusive language. It started when B, one of the delinquents in Kim Ji Soo’s group, took another student’s gift certificate. I went to B and said I’d report them to the police if they didn’t return the gift certificate"

"This behavior of mine was an act of opposition. After that, my ordinary middle school life turned into horror itself. They were careful, perhaps because I told them I’d report them to the police. They craftily ordered other classmates to bully me so they could stay out of trouble."

According to the victim , JiSoo and his group of friends ordered their classmates to insult the victim and told them that if any of them dared to speak to the victim, they would die at their hands.

They also said that they consider themselves lucky because other students went through worse situations

After that first allegation other ones started to come out:

TW: sexual abuse

Some excerpts:

He thought he was the king of school and picked up fights with anyone just because he wanted to.

He was a womanizer and had sex with a fellow classmate, recorded the encounter and shared the video with his friends.

He forced male students to masturbate and then ejaculate on their face or mouths

The actor apologized but most agree an apology isn't enough for what he did.


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