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The View: Brad Paisley, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan

Stupid hair returns

More behind the cut

Hot Topic House Passed H.R.1 For the People Act but GQP Remains Trash

H.R.1 is For the People Act, then there is a separate John Lewis Voting Rights Act

The House passed H.R.1 to expand voting rights, with no GQP support. The GQP has filed 253 restrictive voting bills across 43 states because they can’t win without lying, cheating, and suppressing the vote. GQP has voted against every Democratic initiative so far. The AZ oral argument before SCOTUS said out loud that the GQP is at a disadvantage if voting rights are not restricted. The GQP state bills also include ridiculous elements, like not being allowed to give water to people standing in line to vote, or orange juice to diabetics in line, or they’ll accept a gun license as id but not voter id card. Last election saw 66.3% voter turnout, during a pandemic, it is a failure of democracy to roll back voting rights. The most secure election ever. Popular turnout always benefits Democrats. May the GQP implode.

Hot Topic NY Gov Cuomo Apology

Sara was disappointed, didn’t feel it met the need. Joy thinks politician egos are ridiculous. Sunny notes that Cuomo did apologize, while GQP never have, including the most recent w/Madison Cawthorn. Feels there is also a political element because NY AG and SDNY are investigating T45 for crimes while a NY Governor may have ability to pardon any convictions. Whoopi wants to see balanced, equal, and objective approach from both sides instead of pitchforking only some.

Hot Topic Royal Mistreatment

The Palace is investigating if Meghan mistreated her staff but the real mistreatment is how the Palace treats Meghan /see what I did there 😝

MAM thinks it’s an oppo dump prior to Oprah’s interview and racially motivated on top of that. Sunny feels the allegations are petty at best, and if they had merit, then why did it take 2 ½ years for it to be considered serious enough to report on. Also why has the Royal Family done such a poor job supporting and defending her against the onslaught of racist attacks. Joy likens it to Henry VIII and in modern culture John Grisham’s The Firm, they won’t kill her but will make her life miserable. Why is anyone believing anything coming out of the Rupert Murdoch machine. Sara doesn’t want to hear anything about investigations unless it’s Prince Andrew.

Hot Topic Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley talks about his wife, a beer game to No I in Beer, doing birthday videos, jumping into happy hours from fans, donating 50K meals on behalf of Joy for her birthday, his charity grocery store (this is amazing!).

Then he sings his single Off Road

Ontd what is your favorite candy at the cinema?

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