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St. Vincent Releases "Pay Your Way in Pain," Announces New Album, Features in Rolling Stone

St. Vincent is back with new music. Today she released the single "Pay Your Way in Pain" and its accompanying music video. The song is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and any other streaming platform, I assume.

"Pay Your Way in Pain" is the first single from the upcoming album Daddy's Home. The album is available for pre-order now. Daddy's Home is out May 14.

St. Vincent also encourages fans to use Daddy's Home gifs, available via Giphy when discussing the new music.

  • Annie Clark's father was imprisoned in Texas in 2010 for what she describes as "white-collar nonsense." He was released two years ago.

  • In between releasing albums and touring, she visited him in prison. One of the last times she visited him, another visitor asked her to autograph a receipt. Phones aren't allowed inside and she's glad there isn't a selfie of her visiting her dad in prison.

  • 2011's Strange Mercy reflected the "pain and ambivalence" of her father’s arrest, as she writes in a comic that accompanies the new album. Daddy's Home is about coming full circle.

  • Daddy's Home is inspired by 70s artists and sounds, including David Bowie and Sly Stone. She found the sound while working with Jack Antonoff in New York pre-pandemic.

SOURCES: Music Video, Album Cover, RS Tweet.

OP did not get into Masseduction, but is feeling this single.

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