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The View: Jennifer Granholm, Tim & Fred Williams, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Biden Delivering on Covid

Plays some clips, Biden announces accelerated timeline to vaxx all adults, Dolly sings after getting her vaxx. Joy loves Dolly, who put her money where her arm was [she personally donated $1M towards Vanderbilt medical research that led to Moderna vaxx]. Drags T45 who got his vaxx in private before leaving the WH instead of encouraging his cult to also get vaxx. The important message is we have enough vaxx to cover all adult Americans by end of May! Get whatever vaxx you have access to Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J because they all prevent death and hospitalization. Meghan is the worst brat. She takes issue with current admin messaging (vs the previous admin who said it was a hoax and would go away and now 500K+ people are dead so shut up with your entitled GQP talking points). Sara is thrilled that frontline workers are getting the vaxx, they’re the real heroes, and she’s optimistic what Biden did to get competitors J&J and Merck to produce the third vaxx. Whoopi explains to MAM, like an adult to a child, that you get vaxx but then still wear mask and socially distance while the rest of the nation gets vaxx. It’s not hard to understand, Me-again! Case in point, where was the flu this year? Hardly anyone got it, because we all wore masks. Masks work so stop pretending otherwise, and it’s not a tragedy in your life to wear one.

Hot Topic RIP Texas and Mississippi

Biden: we’re on track to vaxx all adults by May 31. Abbott: hurry let’s kill more people in the next two months. Texas and Mississippi are reopening 100% and removing mask mandate because they are committing genocide against minority demographics and the elderly or infirm. In plain sight.

Hot Topic Taylor Swift is Upset

TSwift called out Netflix show for their sexist remarks about her. Joy says it’s a double standard that it only happens to women, but also public figures are fair game for wisecracks. Muted MAM. Sara didn’t take the remarks as seriously but thought they were off-color, she really didn’t like the backlash against the actresses.

Hot Topic Sec of Energy Jennifer Granholm

Ooh I like her glasses, wonder what brand?

Fmr Michigan Governor is now Secretary of Energy. Jennifer Granholm talks about her position on climate change and clean energy. Talking points for jobs. She drives an electric car, average person saves $600 yr on gas, she has solar panels on her house. They talk about the catastrophe in TX, due to separate power grid to avoid regulations. El Paso, who was connected out of state, didn’t go down. They were told in 2011 to winterize systems, but they refused to do so. Muted MAM. Granholm explains job re-training opportunities that are widespread, not just a single industry. Talks about Jackson MS with no running water, greatly affecting the Black community. She talks about EJ40 to improve infrastructure in minority communities that were left behind.

Hot Topic Tim & Fred Williams @TwinsthenewTrend

Twin brothers Tim & Fred Williams went super viral when listening to Phil Collins In the Air Tonight, when that drum beat drops 3 mins in!!! They record themselves listening to a song for the first time and show their reactions. They talk about their history, growing up in a religious home and unable to listen to other types of music. So now they branch out to all genres and experience their first listen together. Obama surprised them in a video chat. They were a SNL parody to Baby Shark. Their message to people watching their videos is that music has no color, explore all genres, we can all come together in joy of the same song or music. Bringing positivity. Sara explains ear-worm to them, they say BEP Where is the Love and Radiohead Creep.

They are so full of joy, it’s a palate cleanser.

Ontd do you listen to all kinds of music?

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