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ONTD Original: The philandering men of Bollywood (Part 2)

Following up part 1, OP decided to make a Part 2 original to bring the international gossip and flavor to ONTD lol. But seriously, OP just did this for completionist reasons. PART 1 is overall much more interesting and juicier (well at least in OP's opinion). Anyways, there are many many posts that could be made because just like Hollywood, all these rich people can't keep it in their pants.

Part 2 here will cover 2 decently well known scandals and a couple that aren't as well known.

1. Ajay Devgn

A-list Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn is married to A-list actress Kajol. OP will be blunt: Ajay is gross. Sure, all these men are trash for wandering penises. But Ajay grosses OP out in a way that none of the other men do.

Anyways, Ajay's philandering ways have been going on since the 90s and he's still cheating on his beautiful and frankly speaking more successful and popular to this day. Kajol's career and filmography >>>>>>>> her husband's. So OP wishes that she would just leave her trash husband.

Ajay and Kajol have been married since 1999

Anyways lets get to it....

Ajay Devgn/Raveena Tandon/Karisma Kapoor (mid to late 1990s)

Ajay dated actress Raveena Tandon back in 90's and cheated on her/dumped her for actress Karisma Kapoor. Raveena was madly in love with Ajay.

Raveena and Karisma already didn't get along and director Farah Khan even revealed were physically attacking each other on the set of Andaaz Apna Apna (1994) that Raveena and Karisma were pulling each other's hair and hitting each other with their wigs.

Anyways, after Ajay left Raveena for Karisma, Raveena was kicked out of 4 movies because Karisma didn't want Raveena to work with Ajay anymore.

Raveena at the time said:

" I have seen actors manipulate and reach where they are today. I won't name the heroine, but because she was insecure she had me removed from four films."

Raveena and Karisma have made up and cordial enough with each other now:

Ajay Devgn and Kangana Ranaut (2010)

Ajay Devgn and Kangana Ranaut met in 2010 on the set of "Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai". They had a "casual romance" aka they became fuckbuddies. Ajay reccommended Kangana for a couple of movies.

Kajol was apparently super pissed off about this affair and wanted to divorce Ajay but it didn't happen.

Not long after, Kangana did an interview with Stardust magazine saying: "Dating a married man was a mistake". 

Rumored affairs with actresses Rakulpreet Singh and I'lleana D' Cruz

Ajay has been rumored to be sleeping around with actresses Rakulpreet Singh and I'lleana D' Cruz. These are the two main actresses he has been working with lately in most of his movies.

Besides the philandering with his costars, it's an open secret that Ajay engages in the casting couch. There are also rumors that he sleeps around with crew members, background dancers etc. There are popular Bollywood comedians that have said (without using his name) that Ajay is the absolute #1 biggest fuckboy in BW. 

2. Aamir Khan

Simply put, Aamir is a serial cheater. He has an alleged lovechild from cheating on his first wife Reena. And is now known to be cheating on his second wife Kiran Rao.

Aamir and his wife Kiran

Aamir Khan and Jessica Hines (2005)

Aamir Khan allegedly cheated on his first wife Reena and had an affair with British journalist Jessica Hines in 2005. The affair apparently got so serious that Aamir moved in with Jessica and lived with her during the entirety of filming a movie. Jessica ended up getting pregnant and Aaamir didn't want the baby and asked her to abort. However, Jessica wanted to keep the baby and ended up having it. She named the baby "Jaan".

Stardust magazine contacted Jessica and interviewed her. Jessica did not deny that Aamir was the father of her baby and this story was printed in the magazine:

Aamir Khan and Fatima Sana Sheikh (2016- 2018????)

Aamir was recently rumored to be cheating again and having an affair with his Dangal and Thugs of Hindostan costar Fatima Sana Sheikh.

3. Govinda

Govinda and Rani Mukherji (2000s)

Married actor Govinda had an affair with costar Rani Mukerjhi in the 2000s. The affair got serious enough that the two started living together. Govinda gifted Rani an expensive apartment and diamonds. His wife Sunita and daughter did not react well. His wife Sunita moved out of their home with their daughter.

And this is where it gets dark.....

Govinda's daughter apparently tried to kill Rani and his wife tried to commit suicide because of the affair.

Rani later admitted that she had to distance herself from Govinda because of his wife Sunita. Govinda and Sunita are still married.

4. Abishek Bachchan

Abishek/Aishwarya Rai/Dipannita Sharma (2007)

Tbh Abishkek probably doesn't belong here and OP is only posting about this because it's lesser known. Anyways before Abishek and Aishwarya got married, Abishek was dating a lesser known actress named Dipannita Sharma. Abishek cheated on Dipannita with Aishwarya. did Dipannita find out that she had been cheated on and dumped???

She had planned a birthday party for Abishek but Abishek refused and told her not to throw the party saying he was sick. Later on, Abishek himself planned out  a big expensive birthday party for himself and didn't invite Dipannita but invited Aishwarya.

Abishek and Aishwarya have been married since 2007 and have a daughter named Aradhya.

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Other cheating men that didn't make it into the originals: Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan (duh), Sunny Deol, Farhan Akthar...basically all of them bc they're all trash
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