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ONTD Original: Top 10 Awkward Celeb/Fan Interactions

#10 Ian Somerhalder telling his French fans that IT'S MY DAY!

Ian comes out of his hotel with his girlfriend and tells his fans 'Thank you, but it's my day so i'm not gonna take a single picture, and don't follow us' and then the fans started crying.

#9 Katy Perry meets a Superfan who's about to have a nervous breakdown.

Katy Perry meets this pubescent kid that starts shaking and it's at the verge of having a seizure making Katy a bit uncomfortable.

#8 Cardiff City fans raid the pitch

Ok, most of you may not know cause you're not that into sports (neither am i) but sport stans are THE WORST. You think entertainment fandoms are toxic? Gurl, you've seen nothing.

#7 The family running after Justin Bieber's car.

Parenting gone wrong when a girl chases Justin through the streets. When paparazzi confront the mother about it she goes 'well, we love him more than you do!!!'. I mean... how fucked up are you when paparazzis are the voice of reason.

#6 Fan almost grabs Nick Jonas by the crotch.

A fan, lbr...an ONTDer probably, touched Nick Jonas in his leg and thighs even tho security warned her many times.

#5 Enrique Iglesias gets kinda too comfy with his fan.

So we've seen people rushing to hug celebs on stage and usually security takes them down....not Enrique Iglesias, tho. When a fun rushed to hug him, he told police not to come, he was ok with it...apparently?

#4 Katy Perry is a contestant's first kiss.

During the first season fo the American Idol reboot, Katy made a contestant kiss her on the cheek and then she kissed him on the mouth.

#3 Demi Lovato starts the zombie apocalypse

Demi was in a concert and made a huge mistake when she told the crowd she wanted them closer. The zombie fans tried to reach her and started to climb one of top of the other, and another one even jumped onstage for a hug.

#2 Ugh, Harry, can you make a face or something??!

This girl wanted to ttake a picture with Harry Styles and in a very rude way goes "Can you make a silly face or something?" and Harry goes 'WTF?'

#1 Tom Holland, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan vs the ACE Comic Con fans.

This one takes the cake. Rude all around. Let me time stamp some golden moments for you:

01:05:40 - A fan asks Tom Holland: "Did you know you were going to die in Infinity War or you managed to keep a spoiler for once?"
01:12:05 - Tom Holland to Anthony Mackie: "You haven't seen Spiderman Homecoming? Well, i haven't seen the Falcon film-- oh right, there isn't one!"
01:13:03 - Fan to Mackie and Sebstan: "I'm sorry, but let me remind you that Tom Holland is the only one here who has his own movie, ok?!" then at 01:14:33: "I just wore my Spiderman hat to trigger you two! HAHA!"
01:23:37 - Sebstan asks who is Tessa and fan goes "OMG. IT'S TOM HOLLAND'S DOG, EDUCATE YOURSELF!"
01:24:45 - A fan to Mackie's complaint about them asking for their friends: "Friends may be a term you don't know..."
01:25:30 - Same fan trying to ask her question "Ok, so... i don't care about Mackie, he can ugh..."

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ONTD. Any cringey fan/celeb interactions you can remember?
Also, this post was brought to you by the queen of social distancing:

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