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'Variety' ignites discussion on being latina vs being a POC over Anya Taylor-Joy's GG win

Anya Taylor-Joy won a Golden Globe last night for "The Queen's Gambit", which then prompted 'Variety' to say that this was "the first woman of color to win since Queen Latifah in 2008".

Context, according to her Wikipedia:

"Anya Josephine Marie Taylor-Joy was born on 16 April 1996 in Miami, Florida. [...] Her mother, Jennifer Marina Joy, is a psychologist who was born and raised in Zambia and is of English and Spanish descent. Her father, Dennis Alan Taylor, is an Argentine of Scottish heritage."

Anya considers herself latina, for being raised in Argentina and only moved to England when she was around 8 years old. She holds British, American, and Argentine citizenship. However, she does not consider herself a person of color:

'Variety' was quick(ish) to correct their article and only mention that she is "the first Latina to win in this category."


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