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GOT7 Roundup: Magazine Shoots and Encore MV BTS

Since leaving JYPE GOT7 has been quite active. From magazine shoots to filming K-dramas/comedies, here are some of the things they've been up to (mostly photo shoots). Netflix Korea also released a teaser image for Youngjae's upcoming TV show, but I was gonna wait until they released more info for it and did not include it in this post.

Jay B for 1st Look Magazine's March Issue

[More images + video]

Jay B in 1st Look's Please Take Care of My Closet

Jay B for Knight Magazine
(This magazine doesn't have an IG page. You can find many more pics scattered accross various IG fan pages)

[More images]

Kim Yugyeom for Elle Korea
[More images]

Yugyeom Tags His Favorite Things
Jackson Wang for MAPS Magazine
[More images + video]

Encore MV Behind the Scenes

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Mods I hope the cut is working. I've tried everything I could think of. Please help me if it is not 🙏
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