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Cause baby now we got Bat blood when it used to me mad love: CW erases Ruby Rose

-Since the Superman and Lois: Legacy of Hope special aired, fans have begun noticing something slightly off with one of the scenes from the Arrowverse that was used....

-In Crisis of Infinite Earths, the "Justice League" comes together to honor Oliver Queen aka Error. The scene consists of Supergirl, Flash, Superman, Batwoman, White Canary, Black Lightning, and Martian Manhunter....

-Well...TheCW went and snapped Batwoman out of the scene all together!

-Batwoman Season 2 currently has a long running mystery of "what happened to Kate Kane?" to which the showrunner has promised will have a good resolution to the mystery but with TheCW erasing Ruby from history it is unlikely she'll return to give the character any type of proper send off.

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