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Today is WayV's Ten his birthday. Let's take a look at his career so far!

Today is the birthday of Thai kpop idol Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul aka TEN, member of NCT/WayV and SuperM. A great opportunity to look at some moments from his career so far!

NCT U/Debut:
In 2016 Ten debuted officially with what still remains one of NCT's best songs "7th Sense".

[More moments!]
After 7th sense it was quiet for a bit, suffering from a knee injury and not debuting in any of the new NCT subunits. In 2018 Ten came back with "Baby Don't Stop" and SM station solo song "New Heroes".

In 2019, during a time when kpop groups weren't allowed to promote in China, a new chinese based NCT subunit was created called WayV. Ten's 2nd debut. Let's take a look at last years MAMA performance of "Turn Back Time".

The members of WayV all got the opportunity to do a project on their own. Getting to make something they wanted to make. Ten in collaboration with WinWin created their own modern dance choreograpy which resulted in this great dance performance:

On the 10th of March WayV will be releasing a new mini album sure to be filled with new bops.

Ten debuted for the 3rd time, also in 2019, with kpop super group SuperM. The group debuted with the song "Jopping", a combination of jumping and popping. The self titled EP went on to debut at #1 on the Bilboard 200.

NCT 2020:
In 2020 all 23 members of NCT got together for NCT2020. Ten, always the busy bee, was in both title tracks for part 2. Here we have a back to back performance of "Work It" & "90s Love" with a solo dance interlude by TEN for the Asia Artist Awards 2020.

Bonus/Hit the Stage:
In 2016 Ten participated in the Korean danceshow Hit The Stage. Ten shows off his flexability during this interesting performance. Make sure to watch till the end.

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Happy birthday Ten! Hope you will be granted some new solo opportunities soon!
10velys what is your fav performance/moment of his career so far?
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