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Teen groom Justin Duggar gets married at 18 + sister mom Jessa is expecting again

Lost boy Justin Samuel Duggar, 18, got married today to Claire Spivey, 19.

After a controversial engagement announcement, the couple's horniness true love couldn't wait any longer and tied the knot after a two year relationship.

The wedding was held in Texas and I bet there were no masks in sight at the event. Nothing says "I am pro-life" more than holding a massive event amidst a global pandemic. It's true love you guys!!

++ JESSA DUGGAR SEEWALD, 28, announced that she's pregnant again *shocked*. She also shared that she sadly miscarried at the end of last year.

She's expecting her baby this summer. Her other children are Spurgeon Elliott, 5, Henry Wilberforce, 4, and Ivy Jane, 1.

+++ JOSEPH DUGGAR, 25, became a father for the third time in less than three years. His wife Kendra, who is only 22 gave birth to a baby girl named Brooklyn Praise Duggar, born Feb 19th, 2021, making her the *20th* Duggar grandchild.

They already are parents to Garrett David, 2, and Addison Renee, who just turned 1 in November. Yay for more children being born in this creepy ass cult!

Is Claire pregnant yet?

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