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It’s Been Ten Years Since The Short Lived Rihanna and Ciara Twitter Feud

Yesterday (February 25) marked 10 years since that Twitter feud between Rihanna and Ciara. It all began when Ciara appeared on E! Fashion Police with Joan Rivers.

“I ran into [Rihanna] recently at a party. She wasn’t the nicest,” the ‘Goodies’ singer told Rivers. “It’s crazy, because I’ve always loved and respected what she’s done in fashion. It wasn’t the most pleasant run-in.”

And then...

But did you know that Melissa Rivers was low key responsible for that whole feud to begin with? ONTDer richyrich909 was at the taping as revealed in this post. Read the spoiler cut to read what happened behind the scenes.

[ONTD Insider Tea]A close friend of mine works for E! And asked if I wanted to go to a fashion police taping (btw i completely thought it didn’t have a studio audience lol) so of course I said yeah. The audience was like maybe 20/30 people in fold up chairs. So I’m right behind Melissa and Ciara is basically just not delivering. They asked her about Rihanna and she said she didn’t care for her dress. Then they asked her to spice it up and she reworded it. Then they cut and told her she needed to really deliver more and be more mean. So that’s when she came up with the story saying she wasn’t nice to her off camera. So Melissa said go with that. 😂. So they started rolling and she did and the rest is history. lol. Side note: Melissa was chilling between takes talking to tha audience who I’m guessing were mostly people who know people from the network since it was so tiny and someone asked her when she’ll be producing more shows for them and her response was classic.... ”when the network stops giving Ryan all the money ...“

Read the original post here.

Feeling old yet?

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