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Recap of "Trashcan nachos"-esque Ginny & Georgia and interview with newcomer Antonia Gentry

Ginny & Georia is a Frankenstein's monster of different tv show shows and archetypes; it can't decide what genre it's in from episode to episode. Pulls heavily from Gilmore Girls, Euphoria, Weeds, the Shondaverse, Hart of Dixie etc etc etc (seriously there's a lot of references/homage going on). Despite that, it's quite delightful?

- Auditioned for Ginny & Georgia her last week at Emory.

- Got a bloodclot from all the flying back and forth to Canada for in-person auditions for the show. Is fortunately fine!

- Unlike Ginny, Antonia's mother is Black. She feels having a mother who understood her experience is a significant difference in their stories. Ginny doesn't have that level of support.

- Was involved in the behind-the-scenes process of telling Ginny's story as a biracial person and used lines from her own life.

ONTD, did anyone else enjoy this seriously cheesy binge-watch? Paging the ONTD-er who said they worked behind the scenes for gossip!

Source: One, Two
Tags: black celebrities, netflix, review

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