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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu faces another accusation against him for bullying and harassment

Follow up to these posts

Like it has been reported in the past few days, several South-Korean celebrities (including idols and actors) have been accused of being bullies in the past, one of those idols was Mingyu , member of kpop band Seventeen, PLEDIS entertainment (the company that manages the group) denied all the claims against him, but today one victim posted about all the abuse she received from him, the claims also come with evidence of her studying in the same school , copy of her therapy reports ( she mentions to her therapist that one of her bullies became an idol)

This thread is a translation of that post, read it if you want to know all the details:

Some of the excerpts:

TW: bullying, harassment

"There was a boy who was generally popular and the center of the class. And the boy, whenever I wanted to voice my opinion in class, told me “What do you know? Stop acting out” and words of the same tone. It happened every time I wanted to talk, and so I talked less and less . Later, I ended up not talking at all."

"The male student would make sexual jokes at the seat where I was sitting, like it was nothing. Even if the teacher was there, the teacher would only say something like, ‘there’s female students here so please stop it.’ After this, he toned it down when the teacher was present but carried on the same when teachers weren’t there. He mostly made these jokes during break times or self-study. On the regular, that male student often carried out sexual jokes."

She explains the bullying she received left her with anxiety and depression. (the bullying she suffered was from her classmates, not only Mingyu was involved)

Later more evidence started to surface, like screen shots of group chat conversations between people who studied with him:

TW: ableism, bullying, harassment

In that thread there are more claims against him , made by his former classmates.

Source 1 2

I hope it was clear and sorry in advance if it isn't, there isn't an official report from a trusty and not questionable source
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