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Watch the cast & writers of TVD mistreat Kat Graham for 11 minutes straight

For those of us who experienced The Vampire Diaries at its peak (and the crazy people who are still hanging around for the spin-offs) and rooted for the best character on the show, Bonnie Bennett played by Kat Graham - the viewing and fandom experience was probably nothing short of traumatizing.

Anyway, over the years, people did try to defend Bonnie and her actress Kat Graham, and to lobby for better storylines to no avail. But until now, I don't think I'd realised how toxic the situation was for Kat at the time she was on the show. In the video, you can clearly see main producer and writer, Julie Plec and Caroline Dries look at Kat with disdain every time she speaks. Even worse, most of her cast mates also act dismissive of her and everything she says with the exception of Ian the Scammerhalder.

Share your TVD fandom memories or horror stories here!
Tags: kat graham, race / racism, television - cw, vampire diaries / the originals (cw)

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