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Recapping the finale of Netflix's 'Behind Her Eyes'

Who knew a Netflix show starring Bono's daughter would cause such a stir?

[Spoilers under here]
-The audience learns IN THE FINAL EPISODE Adele (Bono's daughter) is capable of astral projection, aka leaving her physical body and traveling freely as a spirit

-Up until this point, the show had not even given the indication of a supernatural presence/plot

-Louise checks up on Marianne, who had an affair with David in Brighton before moving to their current town - she warns her to get away from Adele

-In a flashback, Rob astral projects to watch Adele and David have sex

-Adele did not kill Rob. In short, they astral projected and swapped bodies, and then Rob (in Adele's body), killed the real Rob (who was now Adele).

-"Adele" decides to commit suicide in a burning house, but Louise, the embodiment of "you should have just sat there and eaten your food" gif, decided to go save her.

-Adele and Louise then swap bodies, and "Louise" (Rob as Adele) kills the Bono's daughter's character.

-"Louise" (that grifter Rob) now marries David, but IRL Louise's son Adam seems suspicious of his mother who no longer knows how to style her hair and suddenly likes boats.


Confused? Basically, Rob was body swapping his way through life to upgrade the poor/shitty circumstances of his past life.

Behind Her Source
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