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The View: Andra Day, Dr Hasan Gokal, Linsey Davis, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan

Tuesday and Wednesday combined

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Capitol Police Testimony

Police gave testimony, while Hitler Junior blamed Pelosi, and Senator Johnson claimed they were imbedded aNteEfA lefties. Continuing to spread conspiracy theories and facing no accountability. Fucker Carlson claimed there was no evidence of white supremacy and he couldn’t find Mr QAnon on any website (maybe he should ask his now-fired former writer who was a member). Hearings are pointless (except they allow the public to hear witness testimony), but they’re partisan from Congress so it should only be judicial. Meanwhile, Fled Coup was texting, and others were doodling during witness testimony, and it gives GQP a forum to still perpetuate lies and conspiracies.

Hot Topic Who Will be the GQP 2024 Loser

Some discussion on 2024 GQP candidates. Sunny drags FL Gov DeSantis. The idea T45 would return to ballot is nauseating, Romney sending a warning signal. MAM rambles 4ever, Whoopi challenges her, MAM pouts. ZZZzzz.

Hot Topic Dr Hasan Gokal

Dr Hasan Gokal joined HCPHD (Harris County Public Health Department) as the emergency response physician for the Office of Preparedness. He was also the medical director for the covid vaxx rollout for the county. He had one vial with 10 doses left that would’ve spoiled in 6 hours. No one internally needed them. So, he contacted people he thought would be in the eligible category, and administered the vaxx so it didn’t go to waste. One who received a dose was his wife who has a lung condition. She wasn’t one of the original ten he contacted, but one person didn’t show, and he had 20 mins shelf life left, so she became the last dose. He filled out the paperwork, fully transparent. A week later, he was fired under the pretense that he broke protocol. Backlash ensued, he would’ve had to otherwise throw them away. Despite a judge dismissing charges against him as being baseless, the DA in Harris County still plans to present charges before a Grand Jury for theft by public servant. Panel is livid and bewildered that he would be fired, and charged with a crime. Being a doctor while not white. Omg.

In related news, Oregon health workers administer Covid-19 vaccines in snowstorm to stranded motorists. Wtf @ Texas!

Hot Topic ABC Linsey Davis

Linsey Davis is the new weekend co-anchor for ABC World News Tonight, the first Black woman to host a Network News show. She also moderated two of the Democratic Primary debates, and an anchor for GMA. She also wrote Stay This Way Forever, which is her third children’s book. The 4 Ps hit us. Pandemic, police brutality, protests, and an ImPotus leader. They talk about current events, marriage, family, parenting, children.

Hot Topic Black History Month William Wells Brown

William Wells Brown was a prominent African-American abolitionist lecturer, novelist, playwright, and historian in the United States. Born into slavery in Montgomery County, Kentucky, near the town of Mount Sterling, Brown escaped to Ohio in 1834 at the age of 19. He settled in Boston, Massachusetts, where he worked for abolitionist causes and became a prolific writer. While working for abolition, Brown also supported causes including: temperance, women's suffrage, pacifism, prison reform, and an anti-tobacco movement. His novel Clotel (1853), considered the first novel written by an African American, was published in London, England, where he resided at the time; it was later published in the United States. He is thought to be the first Black man to publish a novel, a play, and a travel book. You can read more about William Wells Brown here.


Hot Topic Tuesday Show Mean Tweet Hypocrisy

Neera Tanden, who is nominated for OMB, is still getting pushback from hypocrites who voted for and continue(d) to support a long line of trolling white men. The panel debates whether (a) the Biden admin should take the high road and hold their nominees to a higher standard, eg think before you post vs (b) what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, get over it, the Rs are way worse, and you’re being misogynistic and racist.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Justice for Justice Merrick Garland

[Whoopi had tech issues] Merrick Garland nominee for AG, plays clip of his narrative where US took in his Jewish family. It packed an emotional punch. The panel sings his praises, how he represented himself, despite earlier McConnell refusal to consider him for SCOTUS. Garland has bipartisan support, then and now. More discussion about racial equality and racial equity, plays clip. Senator Tom Cotton -even his name is a parody.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Black History Month Constance Baker Motley

Constance Baker Motley was a key strategist of the African-American civil rights movement, lawyer, judge, state senator, and Borough President of Manhattan, New York City. She obtained a role with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund before entering law school as a staff attorney and continued her work with the organization for more than twenty years. She argued 12 landmark civil rights cases in front of the Supreme Court, winning nine. She was a law clerk to Thurgood Marshall, aiding him in the case Brown v. Board of Education. Baker Motley was also the first African-American woman appointed to the federal judiciary, serving as a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. You can read more about Constance Baker Motley here.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Reality TV vs Escapism

Mostly funny segment. On the one hand, the pandemic is reality and it shouldn’t be ignored, but at the same time, we all crave escapism. The panel likes Bridgerton, The Real Housewives franchise, Bridgerton soft core p0rn, The Flight Attendant, true crime eg The Cecil Hotel, Bridgerton EP5, The Morning Show, Fargo (w Chris Rock), Mars Rover Landing (that Whoopi says looks like her nekkid). Everyone is laughing, but MAM has no chill. Sara was funny.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Is Marriage in Your Blood

Joy = no, but she has pastry fat ass dna. Sara = no, feels more nurture than nature, more discipline than organic. Sunny = no, she’s notoriously jealous. MAM avoids the answer. Likes that Whoopi isn’t married because she doesn’t want anyone in her house.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Andra Day

Andra Day is promoting The United States vs Billie Holiday. First starring role, rave reviews, awards buzz, on cover of W magazine. Didn’t see herself as an actor, didn’t want to diminish Billie. Talks about Billie being a lifelong idol. Talks about training and transforming herself to play her. Billie is considered godmother of civil rights movement, they talk about her history, and narratives in the film that she learned about. The film is on Hulu. Then she sings Tigress and Tweed.

Ontd do you wish someone else could do your exercises for you?

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