t_snake (t_snake) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

ONTD Original: The Best Stories Comedians Told on WILTY - The Terrible Date

DarlingssS, as usual your favourite Snakey is here to make your Wednesdays a little better! The pandemic made dating a lot harder, but it also saved many from crappy dates, so today's WILTY clip is about dating!

I cant make today friday, or help you find a date, but i can make you laugh! How you ask? Press play, babe x

See, not being able to go on a date aint so bad afterall!

OBL. Victoria and David are THE V&D the beckhams who?

ONTD, how much do you wish you could go on a date? What was your WORST date? And remember drinking wine doesnt count as staying hydrated!

Tags: british celebrities, ontd original, television - bbc, television - british

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