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Steven Spielberg, Cameron Diaz, Keith Morrison and more also surprise Drew Barrymore for her bday!

Follow up to this post.

- David Letterman wasn’t the only celeb to surprise Drew for her bday. Cameron Diaz, Steven Spielberg, Keith Morrison, Tom Green, Savannah Guthrie, Goop, Tyra Banks, Chelsea Handler, Jimmy Fallon and more also surprised Drew!
- Noticeable moments was when Spielberg (who does not make this kind of appearances) surprised her and she called him ‘the first person to care about her’ (Fuck her shitty parents). Steven also told a story about how he sent her a version of her playboy cover with clothes put on her.
- Cameron also dropped by and they had a funny moment about calling each other poopoo. 💩

I recommend watching the entire episode cause it’s a true mood lifter. Ellen could never. But for those that wanna skip some parts:
04:12 - David Letterman
16:45 - Jimmy Fallon
19:36 - Cameron Diaz
25:00 - Her kids
27:16 - Steven Spielberg
32:49 - Gordon Ramsey and Chloe Fineman
34:08 - Keith Morrison, Goop, Chelsea Handler, Tyra Banks, Molly Shannon, Tom Green, Nicole Richie, Henry Winkler.
38:87 - Mayor of West Hollywood who makes Feb 22 ‘Drew Barrymore day’.


ONTD, have you accepted Drew Barrymore (and Kelly Clarkson) as your new daytime queens?
Tags: cameron diaz, drew barrymore, jimmy fallon, late night talk show, lgbtq / rights, television, tyra banks

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