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Yes... This Black History Month Post is About the Trailblazing Booty Anthem Sisqo's "Thong Song"

*record scratch* Wait before we begin - is Dru Hill "Black famous?" OP thought this and she's leaning toward an answer of 'yes'.

VICE has a YouTube channel where they try be on the cutting edge of politics, but their best series is mini docs on iconic songs and just a few days ago, they released one on the "Thong Song", a contender to enter the Pantheon of booty albums that was a cultural seismic event.

In this doc, we get an insight from the legacy of the song from the makers themselves including platinum scalp nigga Sisqo. Some highlights:

- The iconic producers Tim&Bob built the song off a Beatles sample from "Eleanor Rigby"
- the beat was originally meant for another artist
- Sisqo is the principal lyricist and put up his own money to release the album
- yes, he finally clears up the "dumps like a truck" lyric
- the violinist can come to the cookout
- like everyone put they foot in it, NOT Desmond Child
- lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits
- this song was motherfucking everywhere and garnered Sisqo four Grammy noms
- please watch this video for Sisqo's (and everyone else's) creative genius. Amazing (and OP doesn't compliment men.)

Tags: black celebrities, music / musician (producers)

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