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How Craigslist Helped Colman Domingo Find True Love

Colman Domingo (Euphoria, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom) opened up to GQ about how he met his husband.

  • In 2005, Domingo was in a play about the Jonestown Masscare, and went to his local Walgreens seeking a mud mask to detoxify and destress from the intense role.

  • As he walked into the Berkley, CA Walgreens, he locked eyes with Raúl: long dark hair, a lip piercing, and “these eyes”, as he tells GQ.

  • Raúl had stopped by the Walgreens with a friend to get a gift for a party they were late to because they'd gotten lost, and the friend hurried him out of the store, so the two men never got the chance to speak.

  • The next day, Raúl posted to the Missed Connections board on Craiglist. A few days later, Domingo was looking for a used iPod touch on CL and clicked over to the Missed Connections tab, finding Raul's post.

  • They connected via email and went on a date, where they immediately vibed. They quickly became inseperable, with Raúl showing up at all of his performances with a bouquet of roses.

  • Nine years after they met, they had an intimate surprise wedding disguised as a house party.

  • Domingo says if he'd seen Raúl on a dating app, he probably would have swiped past him because of their age difference - he's 51, and Raúl is eleven years younger.

  • They've been together for fifteen years.


I'd recommend reading the whole piece, it's short & sweet! ONTD, do you have any meet-cutes or missed connections?
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