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Coming Soon to HBO in 2021

HBO has released a teaser for their 2021 original programming lineup. Clips/highlights include The Nevers, Scenes from a Marriage (op note: why???), The White Lotus, Tina, and the In Treatment revival; new seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Insecure**, Los Espookys and Succession are also coming this year.

**the video doesn't mention it for some reason, but this upcoming season of Insecure will be the show's last  :(

ontd, what hbo release are you most looking forward to this year? op has missed succession so much that she was beside herself to see it included here (even tho there's no premiere date and the clips are from last season lol). IT'S BEEN 84 YEARS GIVE ME BACK THE SUCC ALREADY DAMN IT

Tags: issa rae, jessica chastain, oscar isaac, television - hbo

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Scenes from a Marriage (op note: why???)



Super excited for Succession!!!
GODDDDD, I literally let out THE dreamiest of sighs when I saw him. I always do that when I see him, but gah, the glasses + grey hair combo = a babe of the highest order.


February 23 2021, 16:33:39 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  February 23 2021, 16:33:57 UTC

for sure, but they couldn't have given us that WITHOUT remaking ingmar bergman???? 😔
Ingmar Bergman had to die so our thirst could live.
new isaac beard alert!!!!!

ugh he is the dreamiest i swear
I can't fucking wait for the next season of Los Espookys.
I adored Los Espookys❤️
My friend recommended it but I wasn’t interested, then I listened to a podcast with Julio Torres as guest and he was so funny I am now convinced to try it out.
I have been watching his old standup on youtube while I wait for new Los Espookys. My boyfriend and I recently rewatched the entire first season. Which podcast did you listen to with Julio on?


1 month ago


1 month ago

haven't watched anything HBO in so long. GoT really burnt me out.

thinking i want to re-watch the Leftovers sometime soon though. still IMO the best show they ever did.
Successsioonnnnn!!!! Just rewatched pride and prejudice and macfayden as both tom and mr Darcy is what I call RANGE.

Ps does anyone have tv recs? I’m a binger and I feel like I’ve seen everything and it’s depressing the hell out of me to rewatch schitts for the 20th time lol
But did you watch The Americans?
Yes I have... I honestly got bored after the first season (I’m sorry!)


1 month ago

search party! it has the same anxious/stressed comedy vibes as succession!


1 month ago

also ted lasso!! the most heart warming comedy on tv. would definitely fill the schitt’s creek void.
have you watched what we do in the shadows? that show was a godsend to me during quarantine last year
The Head on HBO Max
Halt & Catch Fire.
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Can't wait for Tina!
I had completely forgotten about Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain being together in a show. Guess I'll watch it
new In Treatment!!!!!! yes
For those with HBOMax, check out the Spanish show Vida Perfecta. It’s really good!
love your icon. my favorite roy adjacent.
Tom is the best character in succession tbh
Succession, but I watched the trailer and idk what the White Lotus is but I see Jennifer Coolidge so I will watch.
succession!!! about time!!
i just binged succession recently and i NEED S3 NOW! also the music is PHENOMENAL britell is fucking amazing

I watched this before I started watching the show, so I would sing this under my breath any time the theme or a variation on the theme played. Favourite part: "Daddy kiss me I deserrrrve iittt!"
I saw this in another Ontd post and it’s so spot on I watched it so many times
things like this are why i love the internet
I am soooooooooo excited for The Nevers. It looks like so much fun.
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