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1 Year After Cape God - Allie X Gifts the Digital Concert on Spotify & Track Xplanations

- Canadian chanteuse Allie X released her LP Cape God last year on February 21, 2020. The supporting tour for the album was subsequently cancelled with the onset of the panini press
- to commemorate, Miss Allie uploaded the full audio of her Cape God Digital Concert to Spotify and shared videos for Life of the Party and Love Me Wrong

[Cut for your browser]

- In addition, she released videos Xplaining her thoughts and the writing process behind each track. This is for my personal fave, Susie Save Your Love

(the boppage in question)

Sources: Spotify | Digital Concert [1] | [2] | Xplanation | "Susie" Lyrics

ONTD, have you visited Cape God?

[My further thots]
In a way, this album couldn't have come out at a better time, because it's very introspective and perfect for the reflection and solitude that marked the early quarantine period. It's very cohesive and raw in a way that's not present in her other work. She opened up a bit more about her autoimmune condition, informing the medical underpinning throughout her work, and how her emotions behind being chronically ill informed her coming-of-age. There's a lot going on in this album, mourning the childhood you never had, the constant longing for a home that no longer exists, and the liminal space of an adulthood you feel alienated from.

It's clear it was a body of work meant to take her to a different place in her career and it's a shame that she wasn't able to tour off it and really receive her flowers. She's such a talented, thoughtful artist who's put in the work and I'd hoped to see her get the love she deserved. She's apparently been in the studio and she has a treasure trove of unreleased gems so I hope she has a few more tricks up her sleeve soon.

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