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1 Year After Cape God - Allie X Gifts the Digital Concert on Spotify & Track Xplanations

- Canadian chanteuse Allie X released her LP Cape God last year on February 21, 2020. The supporting tour for the album was subsequently cancelled with the onset of the panini press
- to commemorate, Miss Allie uploaded the full audio of her Cape God Digital Concert to Spotify and shared videos for Life of the Party and Love Me Wrong

[Cut for your browser]

- In addition, she released videos Xplaining her thoughts and the writing process behind each track. This is for my personal fave, Susie Save Your Love

(the boppage in question)

Sources: Spotify | Digital Concert [1] | [2] | Xplanation | "Susie" Lyrics

ONTD, have you visited Cape God?

[My further thots]
In a way, this album couldn't have come out at a better time, because it's very introspective and perfect for the reflection and solitude that marked the early quarantine period. It's very cohesive and raw in a way that's not present in her other work. She opened up a bit more about her autoimmune condition, informing the medical underpinning throughout her work, and how her emotions behind being chronically ill informed her coming-of-age. There's a lot going on in this album, mourning the childhood you never had, the constant longing for a home that no longer exists, and the liminal space of an adulthood you feel alienated from.

It's clear it was a body of work meant to take her to a different place in her career and it's a shame that she wasn't able to tour off it and really receive her flowers. She's such a talented, thoughtful artist who's put in the work and I'd hoped to see her get the love she deserved. She's apparently been in the studio and she has a treasure trove of unreleased gems so I hope she has a few more tricks up her sleeve soon.

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stream glam!

she don't misssss
nah she missed with this one.


8 months ago


8 months ago


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8 months ago

I love Allie X and CG. She remains underappreciated and it's a shame, because good sis has been releasing nothing but bops.
will this be the thing that finally gets me to sign up for spotify tho... sorely tempted.
I love her so much. This tour would have been amazing. I hope at least this time off has helped her become more well.

I also hope Mitski makes a proper album asap (I know she's doing a score for a graphic novel I think?? soon). I miss her so much :(((
Is YouTube or Spotify better for the artist when it comes to making money?
In general, Spotify. But if the artist does have an official Vevo channel, they earn more revenue from YouTube that way.

As an indie artist myself for example: I get approximately 1 cent per every 2 streams on Spotify. For YouTube, maybe 1 in every 10-20 streams pays me a cent? And that's based on if people have ad blockers vs. if they watch the ads, etc.
Jiminy F. Cricket.
Indie artist?! sis drop them bops.
oh damn, i often listen to artists' official upload on YT bc i thought they pay more. lemme stream more on spotify, then!
Cape God is lovely but I won’t lie I don’t play it much. I may revisit since I did like it a lot at first listen, but a lot of songs just didn’t have strong replay value for me. I liked it more as an experience, but that could change.
I. Love. Her.
Replying to myself like a really cool person but anyway, I was actually looking into going to her show in Philly and then the pangea started
I have a really weird experience with her in concert. I saw her in BK a couple years ago. Something was happening with her management bc sis legit started her show like 15 mins after doors opened (which wtf) so I literally got there right when she started Girl of the year and then the show ended. Then got into this horrible fight with a now ex-friend.

I need a redo.


8 months ago


8 months ago

my second favorite canadian pop queen! cape god was *chef's kiss* so i'm excited to hear this!
She is so generous with her music!
ok but Girl of The Year should've had a video and that's on bop.

I SLEPTTTT on Cape God and trashed it but then the Pancetta happened and I started listening when we were in full lockdown and I was shaken to my prostate.
don't even get me started on a GOTY video, ya girl even made a mock treatment for it
super sunset should have been a full visual album had she the budget she deserved!!
Just here to say that "Regulars" is THAT girl... it's honestly such an artistic song. It's at once a celebration of otherness and a terrifying realization of mortality. I am not joking I stan that song and video HARD. I've cried to the music video several times while crossfaded on these panopticon times.
I was gonna see her in concert last year before COVID hit. I love her.

That said... while I think she’s mega underappreciated and talented, I get why she hasn’t broken fully into the mainstream (which I don’t know if she even wants, so good for her if she doesn’t). She needs that one song that’s super catchy.
i think she wants it to a certain extent, but not to the detriment of her independence as an artist since she's involved in every aspect from production, writing, visuals, etc. i'm sure she'd like the budget and the acclaim but she's very appreciative of her fans and current niche. personally i think she needs to be up there in the popheads/gay canon with charli xcx, carly rae, rina, etc

in other hands catch, hello, paper love, casanova, and girl of the year could have been major hits
I love you guys for introducing old me to her music...I love her music so much.
Susie Save Your Love was literally one of favorite songs of last year. Glad it seems to be relatively streaming well.

Now justice 4 Rings A Bell!!