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Marvel releases new 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier' tv spots + new stills + EW feature

• With less than a month to go before the series debuts on Disney+, Marvel has started the role out for Falcon and the Winter Soldier

• The second tv spot gives us a closer look at Zemo's new comic-accurate mask.

• A number of new stills were also released including a look at the new Cap Trio!

• In another picture we get confirmation that actress Adepero Oduye (When They See Us, The Big Short) is set to appear in the series as Sarah Wilson, Sam Wilson's sister.

• Sebastian Stan explains that Sam and Bucky will have "an odd-couple kind of back-and-forth there. Like 'I don't really like you, but I might need you." sambucky shippers rise!

• The article states that the series will see Sam dealing with the after effects of the blip in addition to the pressure that comes with a black man picking up the Captain America shield. Meanwhile, Bucky will be dealing with the darkness of his past and figuring out how to live fully in the present.

Tags: anthony mackie, film trailer / stills / clips, marvel, sebastian stan, television - disney+

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I feel like Cap might die early on.

Oh well. 🤷‍♀️That’s what he gets for messing with Peggy’s timeline.
justice for gabe jones and angie martinelli!!
That pic of Sam in the suit with the shield seems like a funeral.
I am ready for Sharon to slay and for the haters to eat dirt~
SAMCAAAAAAAAP and I haven’t found Bucky this hot since 1943 lol he was very pretty during TWS but avengers 2.5, 3 & 4 were nagl compared to short hair bucky
Idgaf about Marvel, but I love WinterFalcon so will enjoy the tumblr gifs and wildly well-written AO3 content immensely ...
I worry this might be a letdown right after Wandavision which is weird because I was more excited about this series originally.

That being said I thought Wandavision's premise sounded kinda dumb before watching it and it ended up being one my favourite shows so who knows.
your comment is me. this one looks more like a regular actiony type thing.
That's what I was thinking when I saw the trailer. I'm very excited about this show, but I do wonder if it's gonna suffer from being compared to Wandavision and being less innovative in general.
Same. I figured this was going to be the only D+ show I cared about and Wandavision has me hooked. Marvel has very rarely left me disappointed so I've still got high hopes.
I’m actually excited for this and Loki. Not marvel roping me back into their shit. 😶

Sambucky fans RISE. The superior ship for sure.

Between this and Wandavision, this is kinda making me feel like a kid again watching superhero cartoons after school lol.

can't wait!
ive jumped on the disney plus train because yall were talking about wandavision so much. ive finished wandavision, mandolorian over the weekend and watched toy story 4 (which was shit)
To give an example of how bad Toy Story 4 is my response was ‘there’s a fourth?’ When I looked it up I’ve actually seen it.
honestly didnt have to be made, brought nothing and tarnished a perfect trilogy
i hated toy story 4 so much lol
After I lost my job I considered getting rid of Disney plus and even went through the motions to cancel it, even though it’s the cheapest streaming service I had. But with everyone praising Wandavision, I decided to cancel Hulu and probably Netflix soon instead. I’m glad I did because I’m so excited for Falcon and Winter Soldier. Their scenes in civil war were one of the stand out scenes in the movie and I was excited to see more of them with that dynamic.
not sure if its the same where you are, but DisneyPlus just added 'Star' which has more adult-oriented shows/movies. Theres like futurama, fresh off the boat, etc so definitely more bang for your buck compared to netflix imo
The thing keeping me with Netflix is the kdramas coming out that they’re putting up week to week. That and nailed it. I usually watch just stuff on Viki, but Disney+ has been upping themselves lately, and since they seem to be having a kdrama of their own coming (I keep seeing Kang Daniel mentioned with it), it’s all the more reason to keep it. And I mean, Golden Girls is coming too. Lol
I was so excited about Star but found out last night the US isn't getting it.


5 months ago

I’ll watch it. Still not getting Disney+ though.
Lololol. Not Marvel releasing official stills where they forgot to make Bucky's fingers metal.
they look metal to me 😳
+ i saw them when they were first released too because i also wanted to check that lmao
They're not in this one. Who knows. Maybe it's not a GOT Starbucks cup situation. I feel like some people are expecting him to have an arm that can look like flesh if he wants it to, but I would find that extremely meh, even if it would mean less work for the people on the show. Just let him have a prosthetic arm.


5 months ago


5 months ago

I hope the marvel fans here can help me. I really like Rachel weisz so I want to watch black widow but the only MCU movie I’ve seen is iron man. Do I need to watch all the MCU movies to get it? If i don’t can someone maybe give me a list of the ones to watch? It’s a lot of time to invest and I’m working so much atm.
Thank you 😊
I say watch at least winter soldier and civil war
Bucky will be dealing with the darkness of his past and figuring out how to live fully in the present

lmao ik i’m just salty at this point but bloop at something that steve was just like lmao nah bye 🥴
I thought the same thing. Steve just fucked off and left Bucky to figure it out. Also Sam and Wanda! He could have been there for Wanda, who does she have?
im so glad you brought up wanda bc it was a plot point in cw steve shown supposedly caring about her and against her being locked up. like everything else it was dropped in the iw/eg series!


5 months ago


5 months ago

I hope he gets to be mad at Steve because that was some bullshit.
but will the villain have a banger as a theme song?!??

I'm glad he has short hair again.
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