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"Nomadland" waters down the book it's based on, according to a new review

A new review from Vulture looks at what the film (which is currently out on Hulu) gets wrong about gig workers.

Some key highlights and quotes behind the cut:

-Some of the film takes place in an Amazon warehouse, but the film has no real critique of it. There are scenes where Fern (played by Frances McDormand) smiles at co-workers or tells old friends that the money is "great" when asked how it's like working there — and that's the extent of it, writes Wilfred Chan.

-In contrast, the book itself includes workers who had experienced dizziness during their shifts and had been knocked down by items that flew off the conveyor belts. It also includes harrowing stories of workers injured on the job at other places.

-Journalist Jessica Bruder, who wrote "Nomadland," illustrates that these working accidents are the "logical outcomes of an economic system that takes advantage of the country's most vulnerable."

-"Because the film is primarily a character study of [Fern], it exchanges Bruder’s sharp indignation over capitalist exploitation for a muddled message about individual freedom that downplays the real stakes of gig labor."

-Chan points out that Amazon bosses have only continued to amass wealth during this pandemic as their workers are exposed to a deadly virus.

Have you seen it yet? Thoughts?


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