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9-1-1 - 4.07 - There Goes The Neighborhood + Lone Star - 2.07 - Displaced - Promos

The 118 rush to save a man pinned under a Humvee, and a garage band that rocks out too hard. Enlisting Bobby and Athena's help, Michael installs a new “rear window,” and turns into an amateur detective after noticing strange behavior at a nearby apartment. Meanwhile, Hen's mother unexpectedly arrives and announces she is moving to LA, and Buck's re-entry into the dating pool ends in disaster.

The 126 arrive at a funeral where another dead body has crashed the burial, and then to a hospital where an MRI has gone haywire. Owen and Tommy each feel displaced in their homes as Gwyn moves into the Strand household and Charles seemingly becomes the full-time parent in the Vegas'. Meanwhile, T.K. makes waves in his new position.

Sources 1 and 2
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is buck bi yet or nah
haha literally me, I opened this post to be like, "Buck and Eddie together yet? no? alright, see ya next week."
It's what I do.
Honestly if they do make Buck bi I’d like to see him with someone other than Eddie for the drama


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9 months ago

THIS! But I think the family issues took centre stage but now that the truth is out I'm hoping he goes back to therapy and we find out what some of the things he's been talking about are ie being in love with his bestfriend!!!! I swear I'm dropping it if we don't get them together by end of the season.


February 23 2021, 02:38:46 UTC 9 months ago Edited:  February 23 2021, 03:06:18 UTC

Tonight's episode is one of my favorites, and I couldn't stop laughing. Still dead at Chimney and Hen coming out with a shitload of food to find the fire truck gone.

And still one of the few people enjoying the Gwyn/Owen storyline on Lone Star. But rude, wanted them to have a girl instead of another boy. Also a little surprised it wasn't twins.

Here for paramedic TK!
I wanna watch lone star because of Gina Torres but the white guy who's married to the black woman creeps me tf out and than you add the southern accent and every time he speaks it feels like he's calling me a nigger. Idk I would love to see Gina in something new but I just can't. Let me know when his character dies.
He was in True Blood and it threw me off when I saw him in this show because his character was definitely not the type to be happily married to a black woman. Still waiting for him to have a racist asshole mom come storming in!
I am so fed up with zinger-type dialogue.

Anyone else in ontd_geriatric who’s watched Rob Lowe and Jennifer Grey’s If the Shoe Fits retelling of Cinderella multiple times in the 90s? Extra points if it was dubbed.
Yup. Seen it.
And I am still scarred from seeing Rob Lowe play a French fashion designer. That movie was so fucking bad.


February 23 2021, 13:02:08 UTC 9 months ago Edited:  February 23 2021, 13:02:35 UTC

It’s so bad and it’s the only thing I think about when I see him bc this trash movie was always on in the 90s

I have thoughts on it:

1. Rob Lowe was high for the entire shoot. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

2. Ben Stiller based Zoolander on Lowe’s character.

3. In my head — and this is canon — Nicolas Cage turned down the role.


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9 months ago

Rob Lowe is so fucking gross.

the stans aren't upset about hot teacher love interest?
LOL, they are.
jinx type episodes are my fave. RIP to their mac and cheese.

it's still so jarring to see covid stuff in shows. like at the date with the teacher and the front desk person had a full face shield.

tk as a paramedic is a good way to go. that coward paramedic looked like the fake firefighter from 911 and I thought it was him. still hate that baby plot. get RID of Rob Lowe.