A donut (frejasface) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
A donut

Gen Z vs. Millenials: Hair Edition

A debate is raging on TikTok that is even more divisive than politics. In fact, it's about how you divide the hair on your head.

Gen Z'ers believe that center parts are where it's at. They think that your side part makes you look like an Old! Meanwhile, Millenials + Gen X + Gen Y are into side parts.

America is split... down the center and down the sides!

Which way do u part your hair?


Ready for some hair wank? what's your hair look like now, ONTD?

Tags: beauty / makeup, slow news day, viral

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I change how I part my hair pretty much daily. Sometimes I'm having a bad hair day and changing my part fixes it 🤷‍♀️ But middle parts tend to work better for my hair, because I have the WORST baby hair around the sides of my face/temples :/ It looks like damaged/broken off hair, but I had it even when I didn't bleach my hair, so idk (I do now though, but not a lot, just highlights/medium blonde). Does anyone else have this issue?
Oh hey, me! I have stick straight hair naturally and a lot of breakage around those areas too. Tbh I just call them baby hairs and let them do whatever.
i haven't stopped thinking about how i saw some gen z kids on twitter saying millennials have side parts to hide the wrinkles on their forehead hfjksahfjk
excuse them, millennials are old enough at this point to have a legit dermatologist who prescribes them retin a for those wrinkles, okurr
that's ridiculous...that's what bangs are for
exactly, a side part only conceals half the forehead!
I have curly hair and a widow’s peak. Yeah right am I ever going back to a center part.
Idk when it happened but I apparently kept up w/ the times bc I have been parting my hair in the center for a few years now even though I was an avid side-parter my entire life before that. Even my ID photo taken in 2018 (which is the best ID pic I've ever taken and I actually like looking at it lol) has a center part. I have embraced it even w/ my big forehead. It's a lifestyle.
i’m already so fatigued if this new generation war anyway i’m bald 👩🏾‍🦲
I don't care about mid parts and side parts. I just want to officially complain about younger gays trying to bring back mullets.

Not on my watch.gif
I look weird with a center part. Side part all the way.
Mine is off-center versus deep side.
Just tonight, I started thinking I might have a big head. Maybe big heads shouldn’t have center parts?
my hair parts where it parts and does what it does. Some times it's a side, sometimes centre. It does whatever the fuck it wants.
i'm too bitch eating crackers to care about this
i have a mullet right now so i’m a mix of all the generations
It depends on how long my hair is, but I generally let it decide what it wants to do. I've got some scalp thinning alopecia, so that factors into my decisions.
i have a natural side part/cowlick so like... why mess with nature tbh. I've got too many existential crises going on in my 30s to fuck with hair drama.
if my bangs are down and styled then I center part it, if it's humid/wet outside then I have to pin my bangs up to one side and I side part it
My hair absolutely does not look good with a center part, so I'll be side parting until I die
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