A donut (frejasface) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
A donut

Gen Z vs. Millenials: Hair Edition

A debate is raging on TikTok that is even more divisive than politics. In fact, it's about how you divide the hair on your head.

Gen Z'ers believe that center parts are where it's at. They think that your side part makes you look like an Old! Meanwhile, Millenials + Gen X + Gen Y are into side parts.

America is split... down the center and down the sides!

Which way do u part your hair?


Ready for some hair wank? what's your hair look like now, ONTD?

Tags: beauty / makeup, slow news day, viral

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i've been rocking a middle part because i'm lazy, but i like both tbh
not everyone can rock a center part. THose flat center parts with no volume are so unflattering sometimes
My natural parting is close at the middle so center I guess. But sometimes I would side part depending on how I style my hair.
I have a side part and I'm probably not changing any time soon. I just feel like my hair doesn't have enough volume for a center part, especially now with how long it's gotten.
I parted it on the side for years, but now i part in the center for the most part
This whole debate is... ugh. Middle parts usually just make people look like part of the Manson family to me.

I've been steadily losing more and more hair every year (thanks pcos), but the last year has been especially bad (pandemic stress? Idek). My hair used to be so thick and now it's so thin and my part is so wide. 😭 It honestly stresses me out and bums me out. I'm taking biotin and have switched to scalp friendly shampoos and just ugh.
Oof my hair started falling out last year too, from stress. Apparently I'll be the first of my family to experience the joy of premature grey hairs as well. Being a millennial is shite tbh but I can and do feel superior to the poor styling choices of gen z.
Hahaha, same! I'm probably like 20% grey at this point and really just outta fucks to give.
imagine caring what teenagers think about anything you do. Couldn't be me.
lmao right

I didn't even when I was a teenager.
I'm not gonna start taking hair advice from a group of kids who think wearing baggy jeans look good.
There are very few people in the world who can pull off a centre part without looking like a drip, fashion be damned.
what... is a drip
Lol, I feel like I’m speaking a different language on here sometimes. A drip is a drippy looking person; it’s hard to describe. Like, dopey sort of? Neil in The Young Ones, for example.


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I feel like a Gen Z-er going viral on Tiktok!
Mine looks better with a side part, so who cares
Honestly this isn't a generational thing at all. People do both regardless of what's popular at the time. I grew out my bangs so I now part my hair on the side cause it looks better. We should convince them that zig zag parts are the new great 90s trend.
Eugh tell it to my cowlick in the front that refuses to part my hair in the middle. You can try to gel down my hair and it will relax into a side part. Whatever. Center parts are not for everyone and I’m too lazy for trends. I dry my hair and wherever it parts itself is it. No sense fighting it
My hair parts itself in the center and that's all there is to THAT
idk how people regularly change where their hair parts, mine just does whatever it wants to. also I have a stupid cowlick right at my forehead 😭
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