A donut (frejasface) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
A donut

Gen Z vs. Millenials: Hair Edition

A debate is raging on TikTok that is even more divisive than politics. In fact, it's about how you divide the hair on your head.

Gen Z'ers believe that center parts are where it's at. They think that your side part makes you look like an Old! Meanwhile, Millenials + Gen X + Gen Y are into side parts.

America is split... down the center and down the sides!

Which way do u part your hair?


Ready for some hair wank? what's your hair look like now, ONTD?

Tags: beauty / makeup, slow news day, viral

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I have a natural off center part (because I do think we should distinguish between that and the combover side part.) I can never go back to center part, one eye is more hooded than the other.
just got straight bangs today lol it’s not the look I want.. I wanted it to be more sparse :/ at least my hair grows fast

I usually part it to the right side
i distinctly remember when i parted my hair in high school bc it felt like me becoming an adult lmao i've switched sides but have been thinking of doing a center part for a while. i also want the new mullet but don't want bangs so i'll probably just end up not changing my hair out of indecision 🤷🏻‍♀️
When not in braids or twist, my hair's natural and I just let it do what it do. So, neither.
i have long, curly brown hair. i'm white and i wear glasses. if i part my hair down the middle i'll look like a fat "weird al" yankovic. no thanks, i'll stick to my side part.
I have 4c hair. It parts however the hell it wants to part and tells me to deal with it.
the internet culture of gen z shitting on millennials has never been and never will be funny

i do a side part because i look better. i look like a fucking dork if i do a middle part
I’ve never thought about hair parts this deliberately.

I play with my hair a lot. It usually ends up falling into a side part.
Not all of us can be Shu Qi, and that’s okay
side part is the only thing i've been able to get to work for me. middle parts work for some people but i feel like too many tiktok stars look like they're trying to emulate early jonathan taylor thomas
90s boys what's up!
well as a person with a 4c afro I ain't got a natural part lol. but when I am putting my hair into styles I do side parts because my widow's peak does not agree with a middle part
Middle part since forever and a day ago. I'm terrible with styling my hair. It's either up in a pony, or middle-parted. Sometimes I put product in it and try to do something cute, but it's usually a failure and where the hell am I going nowadays anyway in this pandemic that I need to look cute.
Gen Z has a lot of time on their hands. Do these kids own mirrors?
Can we stop fighting with Gen Z and start picking fights with Gen X? Fighting with teens feels unsporting.
Gen Z always start it, millennials are just trying to find a way to pay rent
honestly, whenever I see Gen Z starting anything, I just sit back and think of how this will bite them later on. We'll see how they feel when these Covid babies rise up against them.
i sometimes side part, sometimes center part. i have curtain bangs atm so it's a center part. i'm gonna do whatever the fuck i want with my hair lmao
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