A donut (frejasface) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
A donut

Gen Z vs. Millenials: Hair Edition

A debate is raging on TikTok that is even more divisive than politics. In fact, it's about how you divide the hair on your head.

Gen Z'ers believe that center parts are where it's at. They think that your side part makes you look like an Old! Meanwhile, Millenials + Gen X + Gen Y are into side parts.

America is split... down the center and down the sides!

Which way do u part your hair?


Ready for some hair wank? what's your hair look like now, ONTD?

Tags: beauty / makeup, slow news day, viral

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I never really wanted to be like the older people (I'm not even old? lol, just compared to teenagers) who are like, "ugh, young people, they don't know anything," but honestly, these kids need to shut the hell up, lol.
Side parts for me. I have a very round face so the side part balances it out.
yes. a middle part is too severe for my round face and makes it look wider than it already is.
We need that vaccine!!!
I got a dose this morning, after having an anxiety attack all night. I dont feel much different, just tired and my arm feels like someone punched me. I really hope the next tier is eligible soon, I already have a couple family members that refuse to take it and don't wanna give it to my grandma yet. Its so frustrating.
I’m still on a waiting list since my city is experienced a shortage, ngl I’m dreading it a bit. Hope you receive the second dosage soon!!!


1 month ago

My face is too fat right now for a middle part. Its changed my face shape so a side part is the only thing that looks somewhat okay. I usually have my hair pulled back in a poytail now though.

I just quickly scrolled through my photos and it looks like I've done a side part since university lol

Meryl Streep, Gillian Anderson WHOMST
He just disappears in every role :')
Center parts when I wear wigs>>>>
The bangs of my hair naturally go to the side.
Idk i feel like all this Millenial GenZ fights are between the whites??? All I've seen for months is just white women and girls fighting over skinny jeans and hair styles and music while the rest of us BIPOC sit and watch from the sidelines.
This is exactly how I feel about it too, it’s all middle to upper class white people (I’m assuming with a whole lot of other privileges thrown in too.)
i think you’re right because my gen z sister says it’s the harry potter loving millennials who entertain this shit so yeah, probably white
the accuracy!
the biggest gen z/millennial fight i’ve seen recently was a teenager doing a class of 99 tiktok trend and everyone saying he looked like will smith circa 1991. the younger people seemed to be really mad that older people couldn’t just ~let him have fun~ and not say anything. was mostly not white people. but maybe i just don’t follow whatever type the white people like this are.
I have literally never followed hair trends and just do my own thing. I got a shag cut a few weeks ago and all the ladies in the office love my hair lmao. I've never had so many compliments!
I am SO HAPPY shags are in now! I've been trying to get stylists to cut my hair like that since 2008 and it always looked like hell until instagram made them popular and I can finally have the hair of my dreams.
Art school millenials were doing the middle part before Gen Z claimed it.
Source = I went to art school in the mid 2000s.

Also another clearly Straightist take that disregards those of us with ~ethnic textured hair beyond a curling wand VS wave, yawn.
My 15 year old cousin said the other night that side parts and skinny jeans are out.

While wearing acid wash mom jeans.
i don't mind the ugly fashion revivals but good god acid wash needs to stay buried
I tried a middle part for like a week in fourth grade and my widows peak was quite severe so I didn't stick with it. Now I go either slightly off center to deep side part depending on how I run my fingers through my hair. The children don't get to tell me what's cute or not, after 30 years I know what looks best on my head.
I was born in 1980, so right at the boundary between gen x and millennial, and I've always had a center part because that is what my hair wants to do, and I am too lazy to do anything different.

I never thought of this as a generation thing at all though. Pretty sure both side parts and center parts have always been pretty popular where I live.
This debate doesn't really bother me. It's a time-honored tradition to tease the older generations for not being cool. I was making fun of my mom's perm and giant glasses, while at the same time trying to dress like Rayanne from My So-Called Life.
yeah, it doesn't bother me either. I have to have a sense of humor about this because I am a substitute teacher. so I don't even need the internet in order to know that the youths of America think I am painfully uncool.


1 month ago

I can't fake volume with a middle part!


February 23 2021, 02:43:59 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  February 23 2021, 02:47:06 UTC

my hair just does whatever it wants tbh, i usually side part for photos though because i like the whole hair falling on your face look and my forehead always looks huge in photos 🥴

zigzag is where it’s at, well for me it is with my damn mess
I remember when I loved doing this style zigzag part lol

lol yes! it gives added volume too and if it’s windy it’ll find a new place to land! men hate it though, especially if they’re taller they always try to give me a straight parting wtf


1 month ago


1 month ago

...i just don't understand this 'debate' because:

1. I feel like my millennial friends split equally into side parts and middle parts

2. Like some people look better with one than the other? I look much better with a side part, while some look better with a middle part? Why have we not come to the time of fashion whete people acknowledge everybodies bodies/face shapes are different and different things suit different people!?
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