A donut (frejasface) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
A donut

Gen Z vs. Millenials: Hair Edition

A debate is raging on TikTok that is even more divisive than politics. In fact, it's about how you divide the hair on your head.

Gen Z'ers believe that center parts are where it's at. They think that your side part makes you look like an Old! Meanwhile, Millenials + Gen X + Gen Y are into side parts.

America is split... down the center and down the sides!

Which way do u part your hair?


Ready for some hair wank? what's your hair look like now, ONTD?

Tags: beauty / makeup, slow news day, viral

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I’m old and middle partings don’t suit me lol
The only people I’ve seen that look good with a middle part are those with more symmetrical faces

I’m more of a two face kinda gal so I have to do a middle part I don’t care if it ages me. And I bet a lot of zoomers doing a middle part just cause it’s trendy can’t pull it off or would look better with a side part if you know they weren’t obsessed with defining their generation with HAIR PARTING
Is this trend just for ladies? I have no idea how men are supposed to look with a middle part that’s not some Zachary Taylor Thomas nonsense from elementary school
No it's for boys too and they look really really dumb
Whatever if we are going to bring back trends let’s bring back the fauxhawk
no, I keep seeing teenage guys with dead centre part and they look like every blonde popular guy from a 90s/early 00s teen romcom. (Think Josh from Princess Diaries).

It's... a look.


2 days ago

I don’t remember so many generation wars when I was a teen. I don’t think I even know what the generation before me is called or was that aware of them.

I like gen z but they seem to hate millennials while copying older millennials 90s style lol. Also the middle part has been in since 2015 thanks to Kendall, Kim etc. I don’t think it’s just a gen z trend.
yeah the internet has ruined a lot of things. it's exhausting to be this aware. i remember the 25+ yr olds when i was 15 were in no shape interested in what us scene kids with our fugly striped hair thought of their thick cashmere knits and messy buns. the next "gen" will be embryos.


February 23 2021, 14:01:44 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  February 23 2021, 14:02:08 UTC

I think this is why gen z are so nostalgic what with the 90s fashion and all the gen z run 70s/80s/90s instagram accounts. 00s fashion was generally awful but it was distinctive and we had different subcultures. I don’t know what teen subcultures are now maybe e girl/boys?


1 day ago

this is curly hair erasure, only straight hair looks good parted dead-centre
A middle part gives me triangle head but some days I'm too lazy to brush my hair and it just ends up that way.
Middle just doesn't look good on me.
Also millenials biggest crime is fucking doggo speak like hooman and shit. I'm so ashamed of us for it and can't wait until it dies!!!!! That and the wine/coffee/avocado personalities
I part my hair both ways depending on how it's looking, tbh. If it's freshly washed and has volume and is straight/wavy, it's slightly off-centre parted. if it's not so fresh and/or curly, it's usually side parted.
Side part, I look less like a circle and have more body on my hair that way
Ehh as you age your hair thins, so I dowhatever works to keep it looking voluminous. My generation z sister spends a fortune on hair care products, seriously! My mom and I joke she could open a salon with the array of products she has. I’m sure they’ll feel differently about their hair when their scalp is a little more noticeable.

I had no idea hair part was ever a big deal. I remember side parts becoming popular but I don’t remember anyone getting angry at center parts?

Idk fashion has always been something I enjoy and have always had my own style and worn stuff that wasn’t necessarily trendy (but if it is, great! I’ve been looking for jeans that don’t look like skinny jeans (yknow how they slap the trendy term for something on an old style? Go look at American Eagle or really any mid range fashion place and you’ll see skinny jeans labeled “boyfriend” that are literally just SKINNY. Or my favorite, skinny jeans labeled “cropped narrow leg mom jean” ITS A SKINNY JEAN) for ages and I finally found a few pairs of real, cute wide legs like I’m fucking STOKED the youths made what I wanted fashionable) so I guess I’m having trouble understanding why it’s become such a big deal. I don’t think the majority of gen z give a fuck whether your clothes are trendy, we’ve just allowed this small group that thinks it’s cute and funny to trigger huge discussions about simple things.

Centre my whole life.

Lockdown has inspired a change. I'm going side.

No one is more shocked that me.
side part all the way - I look hideous with a center part, but that's how I rocked it back in high school. At the end of the day, wear your hair the way you want to wear it, who the fuck cares???? (I say this as someone who has never given up my bootcut jeans, lmao)
I think it'd work okay with my face shape but I have a big stinkin cowlick I physically cannot make my hair do a true middle part without great effort ;-;

look I gave up my skinny jeans gen z please let me keep my hair
Lmao! This is so dumb. I do both, whatever. Millennials used to rock that middle part in the 90s. But as someone else said, I’m not taking fashion tips from a generation reviving the ugliest 90s and 00s trends including tiny sunglasses, skater pants, platform sneakers, low rise jeans, etc.
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