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Emma Watson allegedly engaged, also apparently retired from acting

Emma Watson has reportedly gone 'dormant' career-wise, according to her agent/publicist. This is Hollywood lingo for 'she's given up acting', according to the DM.

Checking her IMDb, this may not be a surprise since she filmed one movie in the past five years (only because Emma Stone dropped out of 'Little Women' at the last minute and Sony/Amazing Amy was desperate to work with her).

-- Is allegedly stepping down to spend time with rumored fiance Leo Robinton.
-- Apparently lives in seclusion in Ibiza where she's living the rich tax-evading life of drinking smoothies and reading the papers, as per the final journalists at the Mail. I guess I would too with a net worth of $80M.
-- Her PR people state she 'is not taking on new commitments'.

For those who may not believe the Mail, Emma's official Instagram is using the same 'dormant' lingo, for the past few months (whatever that means): https://www.instagram.com/emmawatson/

Source: https://twitter.com/emmawatsonperu/status/1363704726496436230
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Lmaooo, you could have done this like 10 years ago when Clare yelled at a Buxton party that you were "a plain talentless b*tch".

Clare ain't shit either but I only learned that later. Anywho...no one's gonna care, focus on what you're good at: telling people to read.
Who’s Clare?
Clare de Boer, she's rich and beautiful and owns a restaurant and ran in the same circles as Watson at Brown.

She's also a cruel narcissist, alas.


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3 days ago

no idea what's going on in this comment, but I lol'd
With all that HP money, she could’ve done this years ago
I wonder if she wanted to but the Hollywood PR machine wouldn't let her. They were DYING to make her happen and they weren't gonna rest until she tried.
these were people she paid though? i feel like if she wanted her career to look different after HP or step away, she had the wherewithal to do so. the kind of thirst she displayed in her career seemed like it was generated of her own accord

like rupert grint only works when he wants to and seems content with his ice cream truck and baby
I feel like she really hustled the fist few years after Potter. First with Perks, Noah, Bling Ring,This the End, and then it started nose diving until she somehow hit big with Beauty and the Beast. It was after that I can see maybe acting was not doing it for her because she had that movie with Tom Hanks and not much until Little Women?
She probably should have retired after Harry Potter. Some child actors aren’t meant to transition into lifelong acting careers
She should have retired after Bling Ring. While the movie was a miss her turn as Alexis Neiers was actually entertaining.
she was so fun in BR
Your icon reminds me of how Keira Knightley got into the habit of doing her open-mouthed pout because when she was starting out someone told her it would make her jaw look smaller. And it became so ingrained the director Joe Wright had to basically train her to keep her mouth closed.

I feel like that’s what happened to Emma, and a lot of young actors. They start out open and fun on-screen but become so self-conscious they just can’t give an unfiltered performance.

Tom Hanks once said he hates watching himself onscreen because you never learn what to do, only what not to do. I can’t imagine how that must have been multiplied tenfold for a young woman growing up in a massive franchise, under the scrutiny of social media.


3 days ago

good for her (except for the tax evasion)
but with her net worth and lack of talent, this is the best possible move for her and i hope she can move to things she finds enjoyable and fulfilling while also paying her fair share of taxes
at last, greta gerwig did something good and was the stepping stone for lil miss eyebrow acting to realize that she can't act and people were only casting her because they though her name meant people would watch their films except that didn't happen. poetic justice, at last!

i might go give frances ha a pity stream and leave it playing on bg in mute so greta can buy herself a coffee, it's on me girl!
The pettiness in this comment is everything
flawless execution... dismount... and she stuck the landing!
I fucking dying!
I mean no loss on the acting front. She was never any good and rode that HP name as far as she could.

Tbh, she honestly comes off as an smart, over achiever—someone who is used to being on top of her game for her efforts, whether it’s school book projects or HP fans thinking she’s the bees knees. But ultimately she couldn’t hack it in Hollywood, so I can see how the lack of enthusiasm or acclaim for her acting probably eventually made her just go fuck it. No shame. She was never a good actor, she was a kid who got a lucky break and an 8 picture guaranteed gig and a built in fan base who would support her.

But I wish her the best in her personal life. Growing up in the public eye as a young girl sucks, and men are creeps who have objectified her since she was a tween. I hope her boyfriend/fiancée is good people.
i get that same vibe too, whoever cast HP did an incredible job casting the young actors and capturing the essence of the characters.
i'm sure that must also be kind of a mindfuck as a former child actor, like how can you tell if your personality is your own natural self or the result of playing a character throughout your formative years?


February 23 2021, 02:46:55 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  February 23 2021, 02:47:14 UTC

okay but she can't retire until we find out what happened with the little women press tour
If only she'd retired before Little Women :(
she should've retired before beauty and the beast
B&TB is the one that kills me. SHE CAN'T SING. SHE SOUNDED SO AUTOTUNED. ughhhh I'm still pissed and it's been years.


3 days ago


3 days ago


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3 days ago

Omg she was so terrible as Belle. And the whole “feminist” label they attached to the marketing/production (which her casting surely helped promote).

Everything about her casting felt calculated and an extension of her brand ugh


3 days ago

At least it gave us that Belle doll. That was almost worth the terrible acting and singing. Almost. OK, not really. But I did love that Belle doll.
wait no nvm, i forgot she was in perks. she should've retired before THAT


3 days ago

she'll be back once she gets tired of her perfect life
oh she finally gave up trying to act, good for her. take your millions, your mediocrity, and go!

wonder if she is going to do another half-assed white feminism, gender non-inclusive awareness thing
you know it. she is going to rebrand herself as an activist with all the money she saved thanks to her tax evasion
Ever look at a picture of someone and just instantly know you wouldn't get along with them? Me with that fiance of hers lol. He looks so obnoxious to me. That little ponytail - puke.
me and emma herself tbh
Yep mte. that’d be an instant disapproval from me
Apparently lives in seclusion in Ibiza


Her boyfriend looks like a total douchebag. That style..
Part of me came into this post ready to be bitter that she did not retire prior to Beauty and the Beast, but i just got reminded how terrible that it is overall and it would have been ruined even with a better singer/ actress.

Honestly good for her.

Is Rupert still working or is Dan the only one of the trio still trucking along now?
yeah, rupert is on a tv show right now.
Thanks! Good for him
Rupert’s working in TV now. He’s on Servant on Apple TV.
rupert's still working, he's in that m night apple+ series 'servant'
I've never considered her a good actress so she won't be missed!
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