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31 Actors Who Starred In 10 Episodes Or Less Of A TV Show, But Absolutely Made The Most Of It

5 out of 31.

29. Paul Rudd as Bobby Newport on Parks and Rec
Number of episodes he appeared in: Six

22. Mahershala Ali as Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes on Luke Cage
Number of episodes he appeared in: Six

12. Kyle Chandler as Dylan Young on Grey's Anatomy
Number of episodes he appeared in: Four

9. Robin Williams as Merritt Rook on Law & Order: SVU
Number of episodes he appeared in: One

1. Pedro Pascal as Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones
Number of episodes he appeared in: Seven


what somewhat small tv-character did you enjoy??
Tags: game of thrones (hbo), greys anatomy (abc), law and order (nbc), parks and recreation (nbc), television

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Deleted comment

I know that Oberyn wasn't in GoT for long, but it definitely feels like it was more than 7 episodes. Pedro really did make his mark (or, his death scene did at least)
Totally. Even my bf thought he was a total standout
He was so good. He really brought a lot to that character.
I feel like he's had the most successful career of any GoT actor since and I wonder if the rest of them are salty about it. He's really incredible in it and I think he was also lucky to not have to be in the last season, or play the character so long ppl can't associate him with anyone else.
Him and Jason Momoa
Well, the end of GoT wasn’t long ago. Most took breaks after working on the show for so long and then the pandemic hit so things couldn’t get released or wasn’t filming (I.e. Kit and Richard in The Eternals).
OT but back during that season of GOT, I did his makeup for meet and greet pictures at a convention and he was so funny and nice!
Disagree. I don't think he did enough as Oberyn to make an impression.
It’s funny because I remember when he was cast and people were MAD af LMAO
I remember back when the show was ongoing and I had no idea who he was but I remember thinking "the guy who plays Oberyn is good". Crazy he's had such a meteoric rise!
The Bobby Newport episodes were the best episodes of Parks and Rec.
Mandy Moore's guest appearances on Grey's Anatomy should've been higher on the list imo.
Mary 😫
All the cameos on Veronica Mars. They had a lot of great guests.
Agreed. I still feel gutted with Jessica Chastain's episode.
Wait, she was on it??? Lmao idk how I missed that during my rewatch...


3 months ago

the adam scott ep still creeps me out


3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago

22. Mahershala Ali as Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes on Luke Cage
Number of episodes he appeared in: Six


Now let me read the rest of this list.
He was the best part of that show. I loved that season but once he got killed off I had trouble finishing it (and never did tbh).
it was miserable afterwards honestly
if you insist

Man, if we're going by one-off guest stars on the L&O multiverse we could be here all day.

Just so many good performances. Viola Davis on Criminal Intent for instance. Spectacular, show-stopping, brilliant etc.

For longer guest stars, Mindy St.Claire & Elsbeth Tascioni come to mind.
yes to elsbeth! an icon!
ooh a l&o guest stars post would be a great original!
(i can't do it, i'm just making my way through all of svu for the first time lol. but seeing a new familiar face every ep is my favorite part of watching it.)
i lost almost all interest in luke cage after cottonmouth was killed off lol, mahershala is soooooo compelling in that role
love your icon and same, he was amazing in that role, the shot of him in front of the notorious B.I.G. portrait is one of the best shots in tv and movie history
omg love yours! and yeah that shot is pure magic, i think about it on a regular basis 🤩
I legit stopped watching, like who cares at all. I also think Mike Colter has negative charisma so it just immediately became so boring.


3 months ago

Cottonmouth annoyed the fuck out of me while being alive but I guess that was effective because not only did I lose interest in the show as soon as he was done, but it also felt like a totally different show without him. Disjointed AF. The first half of the season is amazing though.
Bobby Newport, Cottonmouth Stokes <3333
Mahershala was so iconic in Luke Cage. And so was Paul Rudd in P&R.

He was definitely in more than ten episodes but it’s wild to me how Andrew Robinson was only in 37 episodes out of 176 for Star Trek: Deep Space None and yet Garak feels like such an integral character. Garak and Bashir’s relationship is always the first thing I think about when DS9 is mentioned but that could also just be my shipper bias lol.
I just commented further down how so many of DS9‘s reoccurring characters were so impactful ...Garak, Dukat, Kai Winn, Weyoun etc
I feel like Garak was more fleshed out than most of the cast who were in every episode! I can't believe he's only in 37, wow.
He was one of my favorite parts of that show. A simple tailor. Amazing that Garak was initially only supposed to be in one episode.
Garak will always be one of the best Star Trek characters ever. They need to bring him back in a future show.
any episode with Garak was automatically better. One of the best characters they ever did, would love to see more of him (or maybe not, they might ruin him). Honestly Garak in his 37 episodes had more personality and depth than 80% of all Star Trek regular casts.

Though DS9 in general was really great at fleshing out their characters, both their main and supporting cast were overall the strongest in all the Trek shows.
Peter MacNicol as Uncle Jeff on Veep springs to mind immediately because he was apparently JUST beyond the threshold to be eligible for an Emmy for guest actor and he brought me such joy, he was so horrific ('sentient enema' is one of my all-time favourite Veep insults)

Also he brought me my favourite Veep moment which absolutely destroyed me first time I saw it:

This is my favorite Veep scene ever. lmao
this scene is funnier than a whole seasons of other shows... the timing, editing, delivery are 💯
I couldn't agree more, I actually screamed the first time I saw it when the camera pulls back to reveal the schoolchildren lmfaooooooo
I think i need to rewatch Veep. Lolllllsssss.
I should hate Jonah cuz he’s based on Ted Cruz but I was honestly obsessed with him from the jump.


3 months ago

I love his laughter in later seasons.

Uncle Jeff is the reason I started watching Veep! I saw a scene of his on YouTube and it was the funniest thing I had seen in a long time.
Yessss at Pedro 🔥 I love Oberyn. Paul Rudd was great lol. Sterling’s episode of Brooklyn nine nine was fantastic!


February 22 2021, 23:18:32 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 23:31:46 UTC

2. Bella Ramsey as Lyanna Mormont on Game of Thrones

6. Cicely Tyson as Ophelia Harkness on How to Get Away With Murder

19. Christina Applegate as Amy Green on Friends

20. Krysten Ritter as Jane Margolis on Breaking Bad

31. And finally, Cary Elwes as Pierre Despereaux on Psych

Yes! These were my tops on this list.

I can't believe they listed Barb from Stranger Things though lmaooo
Shawn's crush on Pierre Despereaux is my favorite Psych thing lol idk why I love it so much but I do


February 22 2021, 23:47:49 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 23:49:10 UTC

Omg the Barb stuff was some of the most annoying bandwagon-y shit ever, nothing can convince me that many people (if any) actually cared so much about that character lmao
i never watched stranger things, but barb looked exactly like my friends in junior high in the 80s - i feel like that was a lot of her popularity, because that specific "look" was so accurate. it's been done to death since then though.
aww jane
Bella was so good. It's rare that a child actor is able to command a scene like that but she has the spark imo!
I genuinely loved Barb but the way people went on about her made me feel like there was a mockery to it and I hated that.
YESSS at Psych, I love those episodes lol
Some of these are just really good guest starring roles.

I love Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey but Game of Thrones was pretty much just a show of various noted actors chewing scenery for a few episodes before dying gruesomelly.

Louise Fletcher appeared in 14 episodes of Star Trek DS9 as Kai Winn over 7 years and yet I'm always shocked that it was actually that few.
I think that is the case for a lot of DS9 reoccurring characters...they were just so good and impactful
Kai Winn was such a wonderful villain because she was just so real. The actress did such a great job.
I'll never forgive the writers for her ending. For being such an iconic villain, she deserved a better resolution than [Spoiler (click to open)] crying over a guy who betrayed and killed her.
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