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31 Actors Who Starred In 10 Episodes Or Less Of A TV Show, But Absolutely Made The Most Of It

5 out of 31.

29. Paul Rudd as Bobby Newport on Parks and Rec
Number of episodes he appeared in: Six

22. Mahershala Ali as Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes on Luke Cage
Number of episodes he appeared in: Six

12. Kyle Chandler as Dylan Young on Grey's Anatomy
Number of episodes he appeared in: Four

9. Robin Williams as Merritt Rook on Law & Order: SVU
Number of episodes he appeared in: One

1. Pedro Pascal as Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones
Number of episodes he appeared in: Seven


what somewhat small tv-character did you enjoy??
Tags: game of thrones (hbo), greys anatomy (abc), law and order (nbc), parks and recreation (nbc), television

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i do love that ep of brooklyn nine nine
Robin Williams as Merritt Rook on Law & Order: SVU
Number of episodes he appeared in: One

Surely they have to include Robin‘s appearance on Happy Days that led to a whole show: Mork and Mindy


February 22 2021, 23:20:24 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 23:24:22 UTC

Her work as Cat Adams is nothing short of mesmerizing, and it's still talked about to this day.

which is why i didnt know she was even on the show until now.

and fuck barb!

edit: what a terribly written article omg.


February 22 2021, 23:36:27 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  February 23 2021, 00:16:23 UTC

Her initial role was fine but I fucking hated every subsequent time her character came up. Not Aubrey's fault, the show was just off the rails by that point and I couldn't stop watching.


February 22 2021, 23:21:50 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 23:23:16 UTC

I really liked Mandy Moore (she played Julie) and Brendan Fraser on Scrubs, and ofc Britney Spears on HIMYM.
Ohhh Brendan Fraser on Scrubs should definitely be on this list.
Brendan Fraser's last Scrubs ep makes me bawl.
Scrubs played my heart like a fiddle with Brendan Fraser's character.
Amanada Seyfried as Lilly Kane in Veronica Mars!
Just came in this post to say, yes I now know sterling is a real name lol.

Also, daddy mando was only in 7 episodes?! Uh he really left a mark! Paul Rudd should be higher.
Sterling was awesome on B99.
Also I got into broadway/musical theatre during the pandemic and the amount of times I've realised in the past year that a guest star on a New York-filmed tv show I've watched is actually a musical theatre actor who needs $$. Especially on Law & Order lol
that's why i love shows shot in new york!
The only problem is that they're almost always the bad guy. 😄 So as soon as I see a Tony winner's name in the opening titles I'm like, ah, shit.
We went to a Broadway show and every actor had Law & Order listed as one of their acting gigs in the pamphlet they gave us lol.
One that immediately comes to mind is Luke Kirby in Mrs. Maisel. There is not nearly enough of him after S1. I like recurring characters who pop in and out of the show without much fanfare.
love luke kirby on that show, he and rachel have great chemistry


February 22 2021, 23:28:05 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 23:28:50 UTC

Sometimes I remember Sterling K Brown was on Supernatural and LAUGH.

Edit to say: He was great in his role, loved that subplot. But to compare where is now? Very funny to me.
lol it's so jarring if I catch one of his episodes on TNT
Lmao same!!
My mom is a huge Supernatural fan so when we went to see Black Panther she was like ooh its that guy from Supernatural!


February 23 2021, 02:57:44 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  February 23 2021, 02:58:00 UTC

Honestly, me. (Or, more frequently, "hey, he was in one episode of SVU!")
for me it's army wives
His episodes on that show are why I started watching this is us, lmao
Omg I never put two and two together that Gordon Walker was Stirling K Brown!!!! :O

(Though also for most of his run k found him sooo annoying as an antagonist)


February 23 2021, 18:08:54 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  February 23 2021, 18:10:18 UTC

Oh my God yes! I will never forget Sterling as Gordon Walker on Supernatural. I was obsessed with Supernatural and, God, I fucking LOATHED Gordon. Testament to how damn good of an actor he was and is.

I'm so happy that he's on to bigger and better things now, but I still can't help but yell Gordon at the screen when he's on TV.
I think Tom Selleck was only in like 9 episodes of Friends as Richard
Just that many? Honestly it felt like more.
i loooved all the green girls lmao
same!! i was so sad reese never showed up again, understandable, but still sad.
Reese Witherspoons appearance gave us one of the best scenes on Friends. She knocks on the door and since everyone’s there they all look incredibly confused and Phoebe even starts counting. It’s one of my faves.
Yeah I was gonna post her lmaoo

She was so funny
I'm going to be a baby stylist!
All of the occasional side characters on Parks & Rec were the best. Harris (RIP), the Sapersteins, Ethel Beavers...
lil Sebastian
Miss him in the saddest fashion
Yesss Pedro as Oberyn ! I know my opinion is biased but he really breathed a new energy into the show and it never captured that height again. His character affected things for the rest of the show (too bad everything involved with Dorne was utter shit after him).
Even though he was just a guest star it absolutely catapulted him into the spotlight and he’s worked consistently since.
cottonmouth, red viper and bobby newport really did steal every scene, i love them so much

would also like to add jennifer barkley
Luke Cage went downhill when Cottonmouth died. He was a really interesting character
I have a lot of goodwill towards the dude who played Diamondback (because he was nice to me once @ an HBO party lmao), but ... that was such a disappointing villain after Cottonmouth. Who would wanna follow that?!


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