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ONTD Original: The Best of Bowen Yang

Thanks to colossusx, I wanted to break in my new Bowen Lebowitz icon with a fun light-hearted post celebrating SNL featured (make him a regular already) cast member, Bowen Yang. Yang has been writing on the SNL staff since 2018. In 2019 he was promoted to the cast and is their first Chinese-American, third openly gay, and fourth ever cast member of Asian descent. Here's a look at some of his best moments thus far in the b*zzfeed listical format.

Fran Lebowitz

this casting is INSPIRED. bowen takes on nyc icon/personality, fran lebowitz. ignore kyle trying to steal the scene.

Soul Cycle

if you've ever been to soul cycle, or probably any spin class, v accurate.


just a quick scene stealing cameo proving you don't need to be the main character to deliver comedic gold.


literally makes you laugh harder than the rest of the white men in the cast saying one word in english.

Chen Biao

his recurring weekend update character, proving here he's one of the few cast members who understands the current pop culture references they're making.

ontd, what are your favorite bowen yang moments?


Tags: asian celebrities, comedy / comedian, ontd original, saturday night live (nbc)

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Yes! Bowen is so freaking funny! I am here to stan this icon
With such limited range..

He doesn't disappear into any of his characters. His best work was Fran.

Otherwise, he just seems like he's acting as himself qith different costumes.

You're welcome for my opinion that you did not ask for.
Lol I welcome all opinions. I kinda like what I get from him every time he’s on the screen and it always makes me laugh
I hope he gets promoted to a regular after this season! Every episode I’m just waiting, hoping he’ll show up in a skit lmao
Soul cycle sketch and his Fran impression were funny. Bowen and Chloe have been a great addition to the cast
within the past few months (or maybe since last summer? what is time?) i started listening to las culturistas and i love it so much
It is such a hysterical, fun podcast!! And I love their support and love for each other.
I just started it too- I didn't think I'd listen to it every week, but that's what I've ended up doing.

Matt breaking out singing annoys me to no end, though.
i like matt but i get the vibe i could not stand to spend much time with him irl because of that


1 month ago


February 22 2021, 21:25:08 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 21:25:26 UTC

I love it. Matt is a goof, and he really has some of the best insights on pop culture.


1 month ago

They're really such great interviewers.
I listened to it for years but had to unsubscribe. Since pandemic times, the episodes have been getting longer and longer and longer. Like, I just can't listen to podcasts that are 1.5–2 hours per episode when I have too many other episodes from other podcasts in my queue.


1 month ago

If you’re looking for more, StraightioLabs has a running joke where they’re the lower end version of Las Culturistas (the hosts Sam and George are friends with Bowen and Matt and I think were guests on Las Culturistas when they first started ~1 year ago). It’s a super funny podcast and they limit episodes to 1 hour, making it easy to binge!
Yesss love Bowen!!
i love bowen and i said this in the snl post this weekend but MAKE EGO, BOWEN, AND CHLOE IN CHARGE OF SNL NOW!!!!!!!!!!! it's what they/we deserve. l*rne is a relic and needs to be put out to pasture.
i LOVE him. the soulcycle sketch when he says abraham lincoln died, it didn't have to happen, i crack up every time
bowen is my favorite newer cast member 🤍 his Fran was hilarious
Wasn't he in the Sara Lee sketch with Harry Styles? Loved that. I only watch for him and Ego now.
I’m glad they’re finally actually using Ego more, she’s so talented!
she kind of went off in Loco this week
Yep, I just rewatched that one- and you know he had to be the writer of it too


1 month ago


1 month ago


1 month ago

"must get rid of toxic in community" has become my new go-to phrase


1 month ago

Ahh I hate that the videos won't work here. But I love him, he's sooooo funny!
He's so great. His delivery and timing always cracks me up.
I always know that if Bowen is in a sketch, it’ll probably be one of the better ones. He’s hilarious and I just want to keep watching him! Hope he can break out on his own
i adore bowen yang and have since the moment since i first saw his lip sync of tyra banks' be quiet tiffany back in 2018 (which sadly is no more since he's deleted his twitter)

i don't want to get too effusive but he's so fucking funny, smart, and radiates warmth and good nature. like he's a talented artist and graphic designer too? a king.

las cultch has been a beacon during this quarantina and i want nothing but the best for him always


February 22 2021, 22:48:16 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 22:48:31 UTC

found em no thanks to b---feed
The Grey's Anatomy one laid me out lmfao I can recite that speech from memory too
other iconic pieces

and this too lol
I was hoping someone brought up the Sara Lee skit.
The Sara Lee sketch is what convinced me to like Harry.
I always have “Doing me wrong ain’t doing you right” stuck in my head!
must get rid of toxic in community
his and ego's relationship on instagram had me dying the other week. they "broke up" over live and as he tried to let her down gently she kept ignoring him by greeting everyone who joined. i was wheezing
SNL is not worthy of two such ICONS.
Love King
Bowen cracks me up. This is my favorite skit with him

5 Ah-AM!
merry christmas tothechildreeenn
i do not like that this sketch reminds me that todrick hall, no ma'am
I know. But I love LaTony Garage and his metallic pants so much :(
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