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ONTD Original: The Best of Bowen Yang

Thanks to colossusx, I wanted to break in my new Bowen Lebowitz icon with a fun light-hearted post celebrating SNL featured (make him a regular already) cast member, Bowen Yang. Yang has been writing on the SNL staff since 2018. In 2019 he was promoted to the cast and is their first Chinese-American, third openly gay, and fourth ever cast member of Asian descent. Here's a look at some of his best moments thus far in the b*zzfeed listical format.

More Bowen under the cut...Collapse )
ontd, what are your favorite bowen yang moments?


Tags: asian celebrities, comedy / comedian, ontd original, saturday night live (nbc)

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February 22 2021, 23:19:27 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 23:20:23 UTC

I don't understand the shit he gets for playing "gay and Asian" all the time. It's like people can't see past how they view him. Literally every white guy on the show plays the same character over and over again. Even some of the more heralded ppl on the show have a schtick and do it in every single episode.
he really does sit at the shitty intersection of racism and homophobia, and he just happens to be one of the funniest people on earth right now, so for me the fact that people automatically dilute his comedy to gaysian.... it's so rough, he has so much more to offer? but it just goes to show how severely underrepresented the Asian community is. People cannot compute that he's both non-white and non-straight. And funny? And hot? that's not allowed. anyways I can't formulate my thoughts properly today but basically people are gross and Bowen is king.
ia, and i feel like he's serviceable at playing straight when the sketch calls for it? my standards for sketch comedy acting aren't high, it's basically: can you convey the premise of the sketch and make it funny in less than 8 minutes or so, but he's beyond capable of doing so?

i like that the show has had more lgbtq writers of late who are able to lend their sensibility and unique point of view. he obviously shines when he leans into his comedic sensibilities, which are obviously very informed by the fact that he's gay and asian so let him??? he shouldn't have to shoulder the responsibility for all asian representation in comedy as no one person should be expected to

if you don't listen to LAS CULTURISTAS tho, are you even a fan?
Best podcast, best cohost, best guests... literally what is wrong with you...

Three different denim is the bop we deserve
I think he's great, but my boyfriend can't stand him.

The Lebowitz skit is excellent lol
I only watched the Fran Lebowitz with Scorses series because of Bowen so
He needs his own Netflix show
So happy for this appreciation post. I got into Las Culturistas after being introduced to Bowen through SNL. I have been slowly making my way back through the episodes. I just appreciate how sincere it seems. Matt is a lot sometimes but Bowen definitely helps to balance out the energy. Also, bless Bowen for his Insta thirst traps! I am so happy he is out here.
The RuPaul fracking jabs...omg

I haven’t been watching SNL in a while. Thanks for introducing Bowen to us!

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