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ONTD Original: The Best of Bowen Yang

Thanks to colossusx, I wanted to break in my new Bowen Lebowitz icon with a fun light-hearted post celebrating SNL featured (make him a regular already) cast member, Bowen Yang. Yang has been writing on the SNL staff since 2018. In 2019 he was promoted to the cast and is their first Chinese-American, third openly gay, and fourth ever cast member of Asian descent. Here's a look at some of his best moments thus far in the b*zzfeed listical format.

More Bowen under the cut...Collapse )
ontd, what are your favorite bowen yang moments?


Tags: asian celebrities, comedy / comedian, ontd original, saturday night live (nbc)

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great post OP. love bowen. just wanted to add this,

Bowen and other celebs are doing a reading of Netflix’s BLING EMPIRE Ep.3 “What’s In Anna’s Shower?” Expect all the drama, intrigue and cheekbones you know and love… without any of the international weapons money.

All ticket proceeds will be donated to Chinatown Community for Equitable Development (LA) and Send Chinatown Love (NYC) so please help us spread some good fortune!

joel kim booster is also an icon and i hope he's incredibly famous someday soon
same. he is hilarious and hot too.
Joel and Poppy Liu were so funny on that NBC show Sunnyside. They need a spinoff!


5 months ago

I loved his impression of Kane on his Insta stories cos I hate Kane and could feel Bowen's disdain for him in it too
He's not a regular? What? Why? How? He's awesome!
It usually takes 3 seasons to be promoted from “featured” to “regular” status. If he sticks around next season, he’ll be a regular for sure.
I've said it before: He's way too good for the show.
I'm hoping that like the funny p.o.c. and women before him, he gets air-lifted out of this shit show into high-paying work as soon as possible.
I think Bowen and Matt talking about their trip to The View the day Kelly Clarkson was there is my favorite.
And how angry that fan was lollll
We need a weekly Las Culturistas listening post!!!
I love Bowen. My favorite cast member.

Who's the random new white guy they hired? He looks like a mix of John Mulaney and a generic white guy YouTube commentator.
Yes, Bowen! So hot!!
I need to see the Christian Cowan film he’s in!!
The man is COMMITTED to Asian representation on screen and I am here for it. I love that he tried to get a Chinese fan in for CNY during the goodbyes on Regina King's week even though he got shoved to the back
My favorite Bowen moment was from the airport musical sketch last year with John Mulaney right before COVID shut everything down. He sang “Profiled Asian” to the tune of “Suddenly Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors and it was incredible.
I get that whole sketch stuck in my head all the time
Definitely here for this!
Bowen Yang is my favourite since he first showed up tbh. Also, one of the highlights of Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens.

he’s hilarious
I loved the World War Two or whatever one he did with Kirsten wiig where they’re singing along lol
Just here for the Bowen love. I wish him all the best and more!!
I do not understand the love for him. He plays every character the same way imo. That said, this post clearly isn't for me so y'all have fun lol
this is so wild to me because i feel like one of his strengths is that he's versatile and fully commits to doing whatever the sketch requires but he shines when plays into his sensibilities
different strokes i guess
[Spoiler tagging so I am not detracting from the fun]It always sounds like a bad imitation to me. Or Bowen Yang being Exaggerated Bowen Yang. I can't ever see a separation between Bowen and whatever character he's supposed to be. But yeah different strokes. I ain't mad at anyone for liking him, I just struggle to understand it.


5 months ago


5 months ago

i didnt know he was a writer but i remember the first time he was on the show and i was like yeah this guy is great
“What’s Duane reade”
A valid Fucking question

DR is owned by Walgreens. There’s a fucking Walgreens on Times Square. So why do we have DR. And why are there so few CVS

There are a million DRs and Walgreens within a 5 block radius of Times Square and one singular CVS lol
i feel like all the cvs locations are hiding in queens. lol.
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