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Todd in the Shadows reviews Olivia Rodrigo's "Driver's License"

Everyone's favorite reluctant pop music commentator Todd in the Shadows has just published a review of Olivia Rodrigo's record-breaking hit "Driver's License." Is he riding the bandwagon or is he too cool for this earnest pop ballad? Check out the video below to hear his thoughts!

ONTD, are you still on the bandwagon or has the song been overexposed? Is this song's success a symptom of a post-pandemic pop music dry spell?

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I’d be shocked if he’s a fan tbh.
i still haven't heard this song lol. i think it's probably easier to avoid this since i don't have a TV/don't listen to pop radio in the car anymore and i'm not hanging out in the mall or any public spaces obviously. i was thinking i'd hold out it eventually ended up on this review channel but now idk i might just hold out a little longer for no reason tbh
same. I’ve heard snippets of it on Tokyo’s but not the actual full song. And no strong desire to listen to it lol
Same! I was like "overexposed? I don't even know what it IS!"
Same. I haven't heard a blip on this which is weird because I've been using Spotify nonstop and no ads for it has even shown up.

Deleted comment

He normally doesn't; He might say something isn't his style or for him, but he's not often totally dumping on pop music. Last "worst of " list I saw of his was full of guys.
He says he actually likes the song tho

When he first started it was fashionable for online reviewers to have a gimmick/persona to make them stand out and at the time he was looking for a job and he didn't want to risk his real name/face being associated with some possibly cringy internet reviews, so his gimmick was that he hides his face and wears a hoodie all the time (which I appreciate. More men need to avoid showing us their faces).
He used to be a teacher and he didn’t want his students recognising him lol
honestly I don't blame him for staying anonymous. the internet is ruthless.
he's not snobby, he actually loves pop music.
He loves pop music though.
I’ve only seen a few reviews but I’ve always chalked it up to “have my cake and eat it too” because it’s easier to give more honest music reviews when you can’t tie a face to it.

A) He's a music reviewer who specializes in pop music and does actually like pop.
B) He liked the song.
C) The shadow thing is a gimmick.
i think you're thinking more of adoseofbuckley, who just posted a video about this song too and fully shit on it. todd's a big fan of pop music so it was nice to watch his video today after watching buckley's this weekend.
He reviews pop music bc he loves pop music lol
he loves pop tarts
a lot of todd lovers here :)
He actually loves pop rocks
Oh my god I don't need 20 people to tell me the same thing all night
i'm a grown ass woman in her early 30s and i fuckin love that dumb song

the snl skit captured MY EMOTIONS!!!!!!!!
34 years old and if this had come out when i was a teen i would have lost my mind
i still lose it when i hear it
lmao same
Is this song's success a symptom of a post-pandemic pop music dry spell?

oh this definitely played a part for sure.
Someone said in another post that they thought she was a plant. I don’t know about that, but something about mainstream music these days seems so forced. It’s being supplied without a demand, and it feels like the amount of success these songs and acts get don’t add up.
Shes not a plant bc shes been on the disney channel for ages
There are a lot of payola comments on reddit.
I never hopped on the bandwagon to begin with tbh, it just doesn’t do it for me. Not even as an earworm idk.
i heard the song in my car by accident and it was pretty cute but i don't know how or why it has exploded like it has? like it was cute but it wasn't that cute
Yeah those are my thoughts as well. Like it's cute in its own way, but there's nothing extraordinary about it to me. I feel like it blew up because of the relationship drama surrounding it rather than the song actually being that good and unique.
She's a Disney kid and TikTok supported the shit out of that song.
Its just meh. and the drama behind it is expected because they're all just kids. People gettng invested in this need to get a hobby.
it'll be interesting to see if she can replicate the same success for her follow up single without the built in drama


February 22 2021, 20:00:13 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 20:02:22 UTC

it's a good song todd! the success of this song isn't hard to understand to me, and i still find it funny that this is the song that camila cabello has always wanted to make and every time she tried to make it she flopped horribly. also i love that todd called out the songs from joshua and sabrina lmao

i'm excited to see what the follow up single is, and what a more uptempo song sounds like from her
its a catchy song
I’m not that interested in music anymore compared to 10 years ago just because I don’t listen to it that much now. Back in the day I used to put music in my iPod to listen to throughout the day but now I only listen to songs on repeat when I’m working. It’s like the greater the accessibility to all songs the less “sacred” and disposable everything is. I still love the albums like Bruce Springsteen & Carly Simon that our parents generation grew up listening to but the concept of a real album is pretty much dead, it’s all about streaming and singles now.

/ok grandpa
i still listen to mp3s on winamp
This song makes me cringe, dont know why, but good for her.
it's a good song and the over analyzation of the lyrics of it is bizarre since when have all the #1 hits had to have the meaning of the song dissected to this degree
the rollercoaster i went on with this song.... i initially didnt like it/thought it was bland, then the sabrina carpenter song came out and i listened to that and liked it, then listened to drivers license again and really liked it, listened to it a shitton for a week, and now im back to thinking it's kinda bland. good for her with it's success tho! love to see young ladies succeed
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