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Todd in the Shadows reviews Olivia Rodrigo's "Driver's License"

Everyone's favorite reluctant pop music commentator Todd in the Shadows has just published a review of Olivia Rodrigo's record-breaking hit "Driver's License." Is he riding the bandwagon or is he too cool for this earnest pop ballad? Check out the video below to hear his thoughts!

ONTD, are you still on the bandwagon or has the song been overexposed? Is this song's success a symptom of a post-pandemic pop music dry spell?

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I've finally heard this song a few times and I thought it was fine but I always forget what it sounds like as soon as it's over
I have only heard parts of the song, but I guess I wonder what Todd in the Shadows wonders: why is this song so big? From what I've heard, it's not bad but it doesn't feel like it is a song that deserves to be as big as it is. Good for her.

I also wonder if this will be a one-hit situation, though it seems like one-hit wonders are less of a thing today than they were when I was a teenager/growing up.
I can’t deal with the Halsey voice in 2021.
Is this the guy who gave that funny review of Crazy Town?
Not going to lie, had this song come out last July after my breakup, it probably would’ve made me cry. For a 17 year old singer though I wish her the best of luck for her career! She seems like a sweet kid.
Lol I loved this whole review
I! HAVE! BEEN! SAYING! that the bridge is a Lorde ripoff (the "baaaabe" particularly is just...how can one stretched out syllable be such an egregious carbon copy? BUT IT IS), and I feel so weirdly validated to hear someone else express the same opinion in such detail?
Honestly, I really like this song, clunky parts and all. It's genuine teen angst that I haven't really heard the likes of smashing the radio since Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch. The bridge is incredible, even if this song is a Taylor Swift carbon copy of Lorde's "Green Light."
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