crazyfirecrotch (crazyfirecrotch) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Queen of Arizona Meghan McCain wants Dr. Fauci fired because she cannot get the Vaccine FIRST!

Megan and her wack ass self/hair, whole heartedly said the fact of who she is, she should be a priority and able to get the vaccine first. She literally said fuck frontliners and the elderly, I WANT TO SKIP THE LINE TO GET THE VACCINE! She also wants Biden to fire Dr. Fauchi and replace him with someone who actually “does understand science”.

Tags: covid-19, the view (abc), you in danger, you mad

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This comment + your icon = perfection (and I agree 100%, my god I can't stand this b)
cause Meaghan McCain definitely knows science?
lol, so who does she think would be better on coronavirus messaging??? someone who will say she should get the vaccine before others bc she's on TV? JFC, I hate her.
She probably thinks she'd do a better job because of course its so simple.
It is she, Meghan McCain, cohost of The View.


February 22 2021, 18:01:22 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 18:07:00 UTC


February 22 2021, 18:09:16 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 18:09:28 UTC

That's her in the gif?? She looks like a different person.


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5 months ago

she's a person who can't even spell the word altar correctly


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5 months ago

we’re having a hard time getting fucking TEACHERS the vaccine and YOU think you should be ahead of them in line, as co-host of the view?! gtfoh.
IA. Many teachers I know are getting their 1st shot appointment cancelled and rescheduled.
My principal showed up at 4AM to her appointment and they turned her away and said they didn't have any left.
My blood is BOILING I am being forced to teach in person with no sign of a vaccine while everyone who makes these decisions, who can work from home or in their nice office, are already long vaccinated and now she thinks she deserves one before all of us, not to mention there are still front line first responders and elderly and cancer patients who haven't had it yet. KEHDIU#HEFIUD#HEIUFH#EIUFH.
I'm a secretary at a school and the person giving me my second dose on Saturday said she hasn't been able to get her first one yet. It's so ridiculous.
I'm an aide. I was very lucky to be able to get my 1st & 2nd dose in the last month. FUCK her and I wish / hope this will be the things that gets her ass canned.
biiiitch you work from home and probably get everything delivered. why the FUCK would you be on anyone's priority list to get vaccinated. what a waste of space. also, her hair is stupid.
I can’t think of many places in the world right now where a healthy 30 something knows specifically when they’ll get the vaccine.
I'm settling into the idea of not getting it this year, so if things start getting faster and I'm allowed to get an appointment earlier I can be happily surprised. Otherwise I will stay here, happy that my grandparents got their first shot and should receive the next one in a few weeks and a friend who had a kidney transplant last year is getting her second shot in a few weeks as well.
For real my boyfriends mom keep trying to visit and asking when we’ll have it....we’re both in our thirties and work from bf has a heart condition and I have a list of minor issues I could probably if we really wanted to try to figure out how to get or a bit sooner but we would never do that we know we’re lucky we can easily avoid people I want teachers and retail workers to get way before me even though on two weeks it will be a year since I saw anyone who wasn’t my boyfriend that I live with.

RE: Fuck her


February 22 2021, 23:47:53 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 23:49:06 UTC

do they know the side effects yet? I was wondering cause I thought people with serious health conditions (I'd imagine heart condition would fall under that) would be one of the earlier ones to get the shot. My mom said she heard she should be getting it soon. She's 68 and had cancer a few years ago. My dad is 69 and had lung cancer, but he had COVID and pneumonia back in December... so I don't know if he's going to get the shot since he already had it.
I don't even know when I'm getting it and I'm disabled and have asthma, lol
I feel guilty because I am super healthy and only 33 and got it because of work (animal keeper). I feel bad because my sister/mom still haven't been able to get it, it almost feels like bragging that I got it but damn am I glad I have it :\


February 23 2021, 06:01:57 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  February 23 2021, 06:02:51 UTC

I have friends in the restaurant business in their 20s getting it because we're in NYC. I'm envious but honestly glad for them.


5 months ago

All I know is that I'm in the last phase in my country, no idea when that will be though, perhaps autumn? I'm a freelancer so I was already working from home before the pandemic, I don't have kids, I shop click and collect, and haven't had a direct contact apart from my husband (who also works from home) since beginning of November. I'm not sure why anyone in my position would feel worthy of getting the vaccine before anyone else.
Ironically, she'd be eligible to get it if she hadn't moved to Arizona because she looks to be around the same weight as me and I'm getting mine tomorrow
I’m not trying to start shit but genuine question what does her weight have to do with getting the shot?
Weight is considered a comorbidity. You have to have a BMI over a certain number for it to qualify as a comorbidity in most states, NY is just one of the states that opened that phase earlier.


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5 months ago

In AZ people who help volunteer to distribute the vaccine can get their vaccinations early. She isn't trying hard enough.
sounds about white


February 22 2021, 17:47:17 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 17:48:58 UTC

Is the messaging great? No. I think in other countries, people know exactly where they are in line. But they also don't have 50 different states and DC with 51 different systems (not to mention the territories!!!). Actually, she should also be blaming her state government, in that case!

And her saying 'we need someone who understands science' is so fucking stupid I can't.

Also, 'I, Meghan McCain, co-host of the View' KILLED ME. ABSOLUTELY KILLED ME.
The way people with zero background, degrees, or experiences in science try to say things like that is so off putting. If our government had listened to science, we wouldn't be at 500k deaths and counting.
idk my family's in France and they don't know much about their place in line is either. It all depends on what county gets how many doses, just like in the US. All they have are ballparks.
"No. I think in other countries, people know exactly where they are in line. "

That's very optimistic of you.
You're 100% right. I should've said, "possibly in other countries people know where they are in line." Needed more caveats in there. It's all a big, universal mess!
i really hope that line lives on in infamy in some way, like why are you punishing me

In Switzerland we kind of? know our place in line, at least in certain cantons (a lot of different systems here too), though not necessarily how long it'll take for it to be our turn. But the idea is you can pre-register for the vaccine online and automatically get assigned to a respective priority group depending on your age, health, occupation, living/family situation, etc. Like, my parents who are 75+ were in group A and already got both doses, I've got an autoimmune condition and belong to group B but will only get an appointment once group A is more or less completed, my friend whose a nurse is in group E, my psychiatrist brother-in-law who sees patients virtually and in-person is in group K and my sister who just gave birth and is still breastfeeding is probably somewhere near the end :/ Also, while foreign nationals with valid residence permits are also entitled get vaccinated, asylum seekers aren't even though they're accommodated in close quarters and often have pre-existing health issues. It's revolting.

Lol not Canada. If there is ONE thing I think America is doing better during this pandemic than maybe even most of the world, it is the vaccine rollout. England seems to be doing well, but they are so small and concentrated. Canada (specifically Ontario) is doing horribly. I work in a field where our employees are in and out of long term care homes, retirement homes, and medical facilities, and they are not even on the list yet. We’ve been trying to get our front line employees on the list to be vaccinated because we work with such a vulnerable population, but nope.
I’m pregnant so I don’t want the vaccine yet anyways, but I would love for my friends and family to know when they can get theirs.

I think in other countries, people know exactly where they are in line.

speaking for the Uk. Nope.


5 months ago


5 months ago


5 months ago

People truly don’t understand state power vs federal government power which continues to blow my mind because istg you learn about it over and over again from like middle school to sophomore year in class.
I think her hairstylist hates her.
The good sis is just doing the lord's work....itswhatshedeserves.gif
I hope she doesn't: imagine what could happen if she did.
This is what happens when you piss off the gays.
This little boys delivery is burned into my brain, it's so good. This should be a go to gif more often online.
She can go fuck herself. Many states don't consider essential/retail workers essential (cough Indiana cough) and so they aren't even priority, but still need to work for a living.
my state (TN) doesn't have grocery workers as essential and it's INFURIATING
I hate it all so much. I bet it's the same for IN. My husband's company didn't really change their protocols for covid, other than shortening their hours from like march-may. They can't ask customers to wear masks, but he's been wearing two for the last month or so.
That's insane.
Yep - i'm in the same state as this asshole and work for a food bank. We're not considered priority even though we're front line and have the national guard working with us to get food out to hundreds of thousands of folks who are struggling. She can shut the fuck up.
I was watching the Biden townhall last week and when he said that people will likely be able to get the vaccine if they want it by the end of July, I laughed out loud. I live in Iowa, we have the worst roll out of all the states. Our governor is fucking it up every which way. I suspect the only way I get the vaccine by the end of July will be if I go to Minnesota or Illinois to get it somehow. I don't blame Biden on that - I blame my Governor for being a clown.

We're in the 65+ plus category with *some* essential workers. It's a god damn mess.
She’s used to having so much shit just handed to her. Silver spoon and platter because her Dad. Shame how his whole history has been rewritten too. I’m so tired of the new people moving here who don’t know shit post how John McCain was a good Republican. I just want to be like “you just got here so sit down” sometimes.
Yeah, he’s always sucked. The whole Maverick thing was straight propaganda.
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