crazyfirecrotch (crazyfirecrotch) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Queen of Arizona Meghan McCain wants Dr. Fauci fired because she cannot get the Vaccine FIRST!

Megan and her wack ass self/hair, whole heartedly said the fact of who she is, she should be a priority and able to get the vaccine first. She literally said fuck frontliners and the elderly, I WANT TO SKIP THE LINE TO GET THE VACCINE! She also wants Biden to fire Dr. Fauchi and replace him with someone who actually “does understand science”.

Tags: covid-19, the view (abc), you in danger, you mad

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Im surprised she didnt say "The fact that I, Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain"
lmfao right? I was waiting for the "I, John McCain's daughter, cannot get the vaccine..."
lmaoooooo I was waiting for it too
Why should she get it first.

Honestly my thought is "She should be last to get it. Last person in the entire country. Right behind podcasters."
rude to poscasters!!! i love podcasts
Hey hey...I’m a podcaster! We deserve health. 😂
and you deserve to get yours before Meghan.
the rollout in many states has been confusing, but that isn't on fauci. anyway i think we should be more concerned about people who are eligible now that are having trouble making appointments and not meghan mccain, cohost of the view, who presumably is not in a high risk category
Yeah how come this TV HOST doesn't have it first?? Ugh fuck this woman.
I like that she's bragging that she says this privately like we are supposed to applaud her for not being a hypocrite instead of a dumbass at home and on TV.

I'm so glad her hairstylist hates her as much as we do
lmao I just saw this and came right here

"Why aren't more states following DeSantis's model and vaccinating donors in gated communities before the plebs? It's like I'm promoting the anti-Fauci talking point for nothing!"
You know what this woman needs?

I’m in a high risk category and the only place in my state where I can currently schedule an appointment for the vaccine is 500 miles from where I live, so sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up you putrid pile of cells and hair extensions.
She’s an entitled brat, but I think she just meant that as an individual, she doesn’t know where she stands in the queue. What a clueless bitch... blame that on the previous WH holder who left no plans for distributing the vaccine or ramping up production, not to mention the fun aspect of private insurance, states, counties, municipalities right in the middle of everything and mucking things up.
I'm not team Joe Biden by ANY means but I think people might be underestimating just how much of a shit show behind the scenes it was during the Trump Admin in terms of COVID response.
I think it's less of the "behind the scenes Federal response was a shitshow" and more of a "there was no behind the scenes Federal response for it to be a shitshow"


2 days ago

the vaccine came out in December right? so he knew already that he had lost... and literally just didnt care to save lives and put together a plan. what a cruel cruel human.


2 days ago


2 days ago

the fact that people think biden is riding some wave of what Tr*mp started is just mind-boggling. Tr*mp checked out, there was no plan, the cabinets were bare, the vaccine orders were a mess, there was no coordination between the fed and the states... the fact that there wasn't more of a hiccup in the paltry distribution we have is amazing.

I look forward to history accurately reflecting how many people Tr*mp killed, but lets have another argument about Benghazi with the maga crowd.
whoever shot her father's plane down really fucked up not using a missile
i think she wasnt born yet, so if a missle was used, she her dad would have died in the war, and couldnt cause her to be born
At this point i have to wonder if she finds herself exhausting.
you know DAMN WELL that she does not.
So many people think that if they admit what they're really thinking aloud, they're absolved. Admitting something publicly and "owning it" is not inherently virtuous, and doesn't make whatever you said sacrosanct.
i don't understand why people want so badly to villainize this man. what does he get out of this? she's just deranged.
So she's literally is outright saying since she's rich and hosts a show that she deserves the vaccine before everybody else.
The way I hate Meghan is so OTT, it’s why I can no longer watch the View and just watch YouTube recappers trash her
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