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André Leon Talley facing eviction

Vogue figure André Leon Talley is being dragged out of a $1 million New York home by former CEO of Manolo Blahnik alleging Talley is $500,000 behind in rent.

Talley has fallen out with his former close friend, high-powered exec George Malkemus — who expanded Manolo Blahnik in the US. Malkemus launched legal action against Talley to get him out of the White Plains property.

Talley has long insisted that the historic 11-room colonial home, with sumptuous gardens at 75 Worthington Road, is his own. But court papers allege that the real owners are Malkemus and his business partner and husband Anthony Yurgaitis, who bought the home in 2004 for just over $1 million.

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Tags: celebrity real estate, fashion, legal / lawsuit

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