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André Leon Talley facing eviction

Vogue figure André Leon Talley is being dragged out of a $1 million New York home by former CEO of Manolo Blahnik alleging Talley is $500,000 behind in rent.

Talley has fallen out with his former close friend, high-powered exec George Malkemus — who expanded Manolo Blahnik in the US. Malkemus launched legal action against Talley to get him out of the White Plains property.

Talley has long insisted that the historic 11-room colonial home, with sumptuous gardens at 75 Worthington Road, is his own. But court papers allege that the real owners are Malkemus and his business partner and husband Anthony Yurgaitis, who bought the home in 2004 for just over $1 million.

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Tags: celebrity real estate, fashion, legal / lawsuit

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George Malkemus is gross and SJP is too for being associated with them
STARS! They're just like US!
get him his stimulus!
Does he just not have the money? If so, that makes me really sad for him. He deserves more imo.
How the fuck did an 11 room home sell for only $1 million? I know it's not in NYC but still.
11 rooms, not 11 bedrooms. It's a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath. I'm sure it's nice and historic, but I don't think it's as glamourous as some people seem to think it is, and the average home price in that area is $675k.
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honestly things like this make me think how many celebrities we know are just ears deep in debt and maintaining a certain lifestyle despite their income level

(and i do not mean to shame people who have financial problems in any way! It's a big problem that especially in a field like fashion the facade and the image you keep and project are a big deal and part of your career so to speak.
And the fact is anything can happen to anyone, whether you're a careful or a careless spender. There should be always help available to people with financial problems, and no shame in seeking that help)
I agree and you did not need to explain. The state of the internet now to not be piled on lol
yeah true but still, i know there's a lot of unnecessary shame attached to fucking up your finances :(
How did they buy 11 rooms and a garden for 1 million?
It was 2004. Only a few years after 9/11 and the housing bubble wasn’t insane yet.
It’s worth less than what they bought it for if zillow is right lol
even if it's not technically his, wouldn't he have pretty substantial squatter's rights if he's lived there long enough? that shit can get messy. did anyone read that article about the scammer and her daughter who moved into a room on Craigslist and basically forced the master tenant out by taking over the whole apartment and refusing to pay rent
That article was wild and people are terrifying
yes omfg that article was terrifying, idt i could ever sublet my place bc of horror stories like that
I live in a city that has very strong tenants rights, but it's gross when people take advantage of it like that.
What tf. 😳


February 23 2021, 23:59:35 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  February 24 2021, 00:01:09 UTC

Can you share a link? I cannot find it and I would like to read it.


February 24 2021, 00:24:06 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  February 24 2021, 00:26:59 UTC

I don't think is the article I originally read - I remember there being different pictures? idk it's been a while - but this is the same story

*ok I kept reading and I think it is the same article. wild stuff
Can he even be evicted during the pandemic? I know it’s happening to porter folk who can’t afford to fight back, and I’m gonna guess Andre doesn’t have money, but he doesn’t even have a lawyer friend to help him out?
Damn bruh. What the fuck lol.

Tbh I wouldn’t get any millionaire houses bc of this, like I’d settle down for something nice, chill and affordable if for $$$$$$$ and keep it steady and stable~. Maybe a beach house or some nice shit like that, nothing fancy
This is so sad. I thought that was his mansion. Now he's old and going to be forced out and have to start over. What's his source of income besides book sales at this point? This reminds me so much of Josephine Baker being thrown out of her home.
The indignity. To not only be evicted, but from a house in White Plains. Oh dear.
This is very sad. I remember watching his Hulu documentary and thought he was very well loved, respected and well off from the fashion industry. All of those years working with the big names and this is how he ends up? That reminds me that I need to read his book.
yeah, he had amazing experiences and an interesting life, but all he has to show for it are stories.
I wonder if he can create a traveling exhibit of things he's been personally gifted by the designers themselves. Im sure he has tons of interesting items from over the years.

someone get me a time machine so i can go to 2004 and buy a mansion UGH
It’s stunning how quickly houses have appreciated. I walked by a nice house in my neighborhood and looked it up on Zillow later. It sold a year ago for $3.5 million and the estimate was $4.5!
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