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Gwyneth Paltrow is selling a 'more intellectual' vibrator on Goop

* Gwyneth Paltrow has flogged vagina-scented candles, crystal-infused water bottles and bondage-style bras on her healthy lifestyle platform Goop

* Paltrow's Goop is back with a new vibrator that she says is "a little more intellectual." And the $95 double-sided wand vibrator has already sold out.

* The vibrator, which is the brand's first sex toy, features "two independent vibrating ends," according to the description on Goop's website, and offers "a total of 64 vibrational settings to play with."

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why do people support her brand...
Rich white people love woo woo shit that’s overpriced and commodified
I love Gwyneth's devotion to being out of touch with reality. She's truly elevated her rich white lady privilege into an art form, and then markets it to other rich white ladies.
Somewhere Rod Stewart just rasped ‘Oh no! not again!’
ofc she did

someone stop this devil
Gotta admire when people lean into their brand this much and profit off it!

That's pretty cheap for her, where is a picture, and who needs 64 options.
at that point they should have at least pushed it to 69
Sloppy marketing is what it is.
I was gonna say, that’s a bargain basement price for her
If the app for it (?) allows you to create & choreograph the vibration setting along to music then I feel like that would be cool. Otherwise it seems a bit much.


2 months ago


2 months ago

Why, does it break down Paradise Lost while it gets you off? The serpent is a metaphor!!
i wonder if working for goop is fun.
I bet it is. That poster who made hilarious goop posts should go undercover for us.
omg i miss their posts


2 months ago

it definitely can't be boring that's for sure lol

if I were still in my intern-ing days, I bet it's fun for the length of an internship tbh
Intriguing... I've always thought my vibrator was kind of a dummy.
“So many vibrators look hypersexualized,” said Gwyneth Paltrow, seen here at the Goop offices in Santa Monica in 2019. “We were just trying to do something … perhaps a little more intellectual.”
me reclining, lifting my legs in the air: 🧐

Deleted comment

No, ew, plebeian.
I love that she's trying to make it seem like she's invented a new kind of vibrator and it looks like most magic wands out there.
I'm fucking dying who says shit like this omg


2 months ago

intellectual vibrator? sis i don't want it talking back to me...
That is too many damn settings
“I think we were just trying to do something … perhaps a little more intellectual.“ huh? Also I have a vibrator that has like 20 something settings and I already thought that was a bit much, I don’t need 64.
As out of touch, batshit crazy as she is, I needed this kind of nonesense in between all the abuser and bigot posts.

Yes, girl. Go on. Tell me what else is new in your privatized Narnia?
This is something the freaking NYT thought they needed to report on? At this point in history, when there’s so much shit going down?!
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