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Gwyneth Paltrow is selling a 'more intellectual' vibrator on Goop

* Gwyneth Paltrow has flogged vagina-scented candles, crystal-infused water bottles and bondage-style bras on her healthy lifestyle platform Goop

* Paltrow's Goop is back with a new vibrator that she says is "a little more intellectual." And the $95 double-sided wand vibrator has already sold out.

* The vibrator, which is the brand's first sex toy, features "two independent vibrating ends," according to the description on Goop's website, and offers "a total of 64 vibrational settings to play with."

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Don’t call it an intellectual if it can’t find the G
Just what my vagina needs in between reading Finnegans Wake in the pants parlour and casually quoting Plato in everyday conversation tbh!
i need strap-on recs
This was fun
Good! There's a market for sapiosexuals if Grindr is to be believed!
I bet FLAM would do better than this
"So many vibrators look hypersexualized. They’re either really phallic or they look like something you would buy in a sex shop. I was really intrigued by the idea that this would be something that looked really pretty and cool, and that you could leave it on your night stand without embarrassing yourself or somebody else. There’s something very self-possessed about that."

Is Miranda's housekeeper Magda in GOOP's house ?
I don't use vibrators for their intellect.
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