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Margaret Qualley Publicly Shows Support for FKA Twigs After Breaking Up with Shia LaBeouf

Over the weekend, Margaret Qualley posted an image of FKA Twigs on Instagram with the caption "thank you." The image was of the cover of Elle magazine, wherein Twigs shared the details of her experiences with Shia LaBeouf, who is both hers and Qualley's ex-boyfriend.

Tags: breakup, celebrity social media, fka twigs, nepotism, shia labeouf

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the people in the last post dragging her when the abuse allegations came out and she didnt immediately dump shia like yikes ya’ll want her to dump him abruptly so he can go into a rage killing???
I think the outrage stemmed from the staged PDA pap pics rather than her not dumping him immediately. They intentionally put it out there in the media and rubbed their lust in everyone’s face. Poor taste is poor taste.
finally, thank god! this is sooner than i thought and i’m so glad for her!

idk the last post i was critical of her and PR optics because i felt it was telling that only his exes of color had come out against him(considering how racist he is) and none of his white exes had. that was selfish but i will say i am glad that both margaret and sia have come out against him so that the racist trolls who talk shit about twigs and karolyn will have less to harass about.
Reading page one, and yall are MESSY. Disappointed but not surprised.
The victim blamey comments in this post plus the overall lack of comments in general is true to form for ontd. Ontd really can’t get past reactions and empathy being based on how much you like a celeb even with something as serious as abuse.

The way this story has been covered has almost been better in the main stream media for change then it has been on ontd. This place cannot get over themselves that from the outside they “knew” so everyone else should have just cut the man off as though Twigs hasn’t been talking in depth about his manipulative tactics and that she dated him even after some of his previous abuse was known.
Hope she’s ok
I genuinely hope MQ has come out of this with more information to protect herself than when she went in. It can be really hard for people to deny that reflexive defensiveness with new relationships with compelling people, and the more people can learn to be a little more skeptical of their partners in that first blush the better choices we can all make.
i dated a guy like shia once (although he wasn't really physically violent, he was extremely emotionally violent and turned me into a whimpering little shell of myself, he also stole heaps of my money and smashed up my stuff).

when he finally dumped me for a new gf i wanted to reach out to tell her, but i was very scared of him. i also didn't think she would believe me because that's how these guys operate. they make you think it's you and them vs the world.. including their multitudes of crazy exes.

anyway long story short, i did speak to her eventually after they broke up. and he did do all those things to her. i have always felt incredibly guilty that i didn't reach out in the beginning and try to protect her. i know that is silly because it wasn't my fault. but still.

these guys find a way to even ruin your life after they have finished with you.

twigs is amazing, MQ's post is good and pretty obvious what she is saying. not sure what more she could say really.
i hope shia dies.

I came into this post late so the majority o the shitty comments were deleted but the ones that weren't..... wow. Y'all really look for any excuse to shit on women don't you.
Anyway, glad she's ok, and she could've just ended that relationship quietly, but choosing to uplit FKA's voice instead is really supportive of her.


February 23 2021, 17:09:45 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  February 23 2021, 17:10:08 UTC

I’m so glad for Margaret. Thinking about it made me so sad for her, she’s so young and could have went down a bad road with this loser. Those pap pics were so gross but hopefully she can put it all behind her now and learn from the situation. Love seeing girls stick together and not let men divide and conquer.
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