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Daft punk no more

After 28 years, the legendary french duo call it quits
@mods please ignore the other post

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anyone one remember when they used to play the one more time mv literally all the time on nickelodeon around the late 90s, early 2000s or did i make this up in my head?
Are you thinking of Cartoon Network during Toonami?
no i didnt have cartoon network around that time, im pretty sure it was nick but i seem to be the only one that remembers lol
MTV Europe here, and the long animation.

Yes I do, you didn’t make it up, it played on Nick a lot.

What an iconic movie, I found out about them with this album and my tween mind was blown away
how the lord gonna take daft punk when woody allen, drumpf, turtles mcconnell, etc are right there
Done Punk

Also :(
Done Punked*
Noooo! They've been together as long as I've been alive :(
It's true! I hadn't realized that, now this gets sadder
y'all are gonna be gutted when the simpsons finally ends in 50 years
You know, I was thinking last night about how that show is still dredging on with these truly dull and awful episodes. When will they pack it up? I know the writers can’t be satisfied with their content. What are they gonna do when the well dries up and it’s finally canceled?


1 month ago


February 22 2021, 16:29:42 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 16:30:52 UTC

Honestly I’d be relieved since it’s death has been long and drawn out :(

I haven’t watched the show in ages but I saw recent clips of Marge speaking, and honestly she’s the main reason I think they should cancel (besides the obvious dip in quality) . The voice actress is struggling compared to before and it makes sense, the show has been on for 30 years and she’s 70 now? Replacing Marge’s VA would be messed up imo, I think if she wants to retire (oh god at the alternative 😔) that should be the ultimate call to end the show.


1 month ago


1 month ago

I haven't watched in centuries but man it's still gonna be a huge blow when one of the main family voice actors dies
Nah. Give it a few years and Deep Fake technology will be perfected so that the show can continue forever.

Nooo! My first concert ever was going to go see them at Lollapalooza in 2007 and it still has not been topped. It was so hot too and just as the opening notes of Robot Rock started playing, it started raining.

I wanted to see them one more time!!!
I'm so jealous. Seeing them live was my dream and I just kept missing out (mostly due to being college-broke) so to know I'll never be able to see them live has me literally crying.


February 22 2021, 17:52:49 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  February 22 2021, 17:57:30 UTC

I seriously miss the early days of music festivals like Lolla. I was 13 I think and saved up all my summer babysitting money for that ticket. Thankfully those tickets were way cheaper cuz it was a newer festival. My sister and her bf took me because they knew how much I wanted to go. It was the best experience.

The whole music festival vibe has changed though for the worse I think. Half the people who go now aren't even going for the music


1 month ago


1 month ago


1 month ago

I saw them in Miami, Seattle, and Denver for that tour! So fun.

Did you see someone recently uploaded the pro shot jumbo-tron feed of the Lollapalooza show? Not the best representation of the show because it’s a lot of closeups and stuff, but cool if you were there. Maybe you can see yourself in the crowd shots if you were close enough!


1 month ago


1 month ago

god I'm so jealous. Alive 2007 is one of my fave albums ever (let alone live album!) and it just sounds like it would've been an EXPERIENCE in person!


1 month ago

im crying in my cubicle!!!!
one of my dreams was to see them live at least once.
I'm in partial denial
Same :(
Ugh same 😭😭
i'm so glad i saw them...once

it was the single greatest concert experience of my life
I saw them back in 2007 and it was amazing.
bih me too the fuck

negl i hope theyll do a reunion tour in like 15 years to get coins, robots never age etc
Same :( I'm so sad

I was just thinking the other day that it'd been a while since we'd heard from them and I was hoping maybe they'd get cracking on new music soon… clearly I cursed it ;-;
i was hoping for a super bowl appearance and now i'm even sadder about it
sameeeeeee that's a real shocker there.. Damn. Hope they had the best times of their lives together and that in the future it will only get better.
love is dead
You know you're iconic when your song gets played on Bastille Day by a fucking army band
lmao @ it cutting to 🍊 going :| and Macron going :D
Also this is not me humanizing him, saying that right now before one of you clowns tries it in a death post.
I love it, you could literally see Macron having to restrain myself not to dance along to it.
macron probably thinking of when he danced to these songs back in college while trump's sitting there ._. like "what's a bastille"
this is great but having to see &#*@ makes it less enjoyable.
What a great medley and performance! Only marred by the asshat no-longer-in-chief. But also, this really puts in perspective how over-the-top American football halftime shows are.
i've never related to macron more tbh!
I didn't expect to feel so emotional with that video. So many great bops, I'll listen to "something about us" on repeat today
Technologic and Instant Crush are my fave songs from them. They gave us great music.
omg WHAT!
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